Wednesday, January 24, 2007

this is fire......vocals alone

john dahlback - blink - pickadoll number 20 4.5 out 5
another track where i don't know where to start. sweden thank you again. the vocals are better then almost anything i heard in awhile. i wish this track was longer, cause it can't get better. i'm amazed at the amount of tracks coming out right now that are just staying on repeat in the cold ass crib. this is techno at its best. please go to your favorite site buy this track and put it on need a good systems for this....i feel in love with you mac's but you got to pick up your speaker game

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Yo, that thing in the pic looks like the shoe boat from Buster Brown's, when I was 4 years old. Bush, you're on fire!

Bushy said...

im the lotto man at 7pm
just picking winner
just picking winner