Friday, January 19, 2007

as you may know we cover every type of music here

we grew up on hardcore and hiphop so we dont forget where we come from
so thank to dave jannes of centerfuse fame we have our first core review
more to come let us know what you think

Social Circkle "Static Eyes EP"
I was turned off by the Career Suicide rip-off artwork on the cover, but fortunately, these Boston duders deliver some catchy almost Dangerhouse Records style early LA punk here. Sort of a less-is-more approach with the better tracks on here ("Cut Loose", "USSA")- simple 1-2-1-2 drums and 3 chord riffs; works better than most bands doing that style for sure. What is up with Masshole bands singing about serial killers, though? Didn't you kids learn your lesson when the Prowl sang about slashing people up?

I love when old dudes come back and let everyone know what "hardcore" was like back in the early 80's. If Bullet Treatment is any indication of "back in the day", then hardcore not only sucked, but all the songs sounded exactly the same, right down to the galloping Fat Wreck drumbeats. What's funny is that these dudes LOVE touting the fact that their singer also sings for the Bronx and another dude was in SUICIDAL. Cool. I'd probably dig the Bronx if there wasn't already a little band called the FINGER who did that shit before they did. And I don't know what incarnation of Suicidal this other guy was in, but I'm going to bet it's not that tough looking black/chicano dude with the Pirates hat pulled down over his eyes. I know a real dude like that wouldn't be playing shit like this.

Lewd Acts "...On Lonely Nights" 7"
I reviewed this band's demo previously and had hoped to hear from them again, so now I'm stoked to finally get this piece of shit on my turn table. What's cool about this band is it seems like their songs are basically written as double-time leadups and letdowns from mosh parts. Not Right Brigade mosh where every nerd is doing whatever. I mean like double-bass mosh parts. Usually bands playing this style are afraid to go straight wigger-mosh, they'd rather just let the kids skank away all night. Lewd Acts doesnt care, by their second song its kickbox time. I don't know if these dudes are into sweatpants and bubble jackets, but they sure sound like it. Throw in song titles like "That Time of the Month" and the singer saying "GET LEWD" and you've got a winner.

DECONTROL "Songs from the Gut" 12"

A dip into the Philly Hardcore History bin. Decontrol, as their website claims, is "the original Philadelphia hardcore punk band." Kinda the same way every storefront in South Philly that puts meat between bread is "home of the original Philadelphia cheesesteak." Maybe they weren't the first, but they definitely do it right. Sometimes this veers from the hardcore formula, which is great. Decontrol actually paid attention to writing near-anthemic riffs and leads, unlike most bands from the mid 80s who just wanted to thrash as fast as possible. Y'know that part in the American Hardcore book where the DC kids talk about shows in Philly getting raided by cops? Decontrol wrote some definitive, first-person shit on those kind of situations. And on top of that, Decontrol still plays shows from time to time. So rather than playing telephone, why not go right to the source. Oh, PS, I hear that these dudes look like tough biker dudes now, which makes me like them even more. I wonder if these dudes ride with Mike Judge?


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