Tuesday, July 31, 2007

WEEZY + DRE = ???

Lil' Wayne - Outstanding (produced by Dr. Dre)

I'd LOVE to know what the fuck is going on with Wayne these days. Looks like he's picking leaning and popping pills over being the king of the game. I don't really know.

This isn't BAD by any means but theres NO intensity. Wayne seems bored, the beat is boring, it doesnt go anywhere, Waynes metaphors are mostly lame except the Amare Stoudamire one.

ehh, judge for yourself but this gets like a 6 out of 10 right now. I dont really see it growing on me. If he drops this as a single it will probably brick. hell, you cant even make a ringtone out of this so he's screwed either way.

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS, Dr. Dre apparently didnt actually make this sorry excuse for a beat! miss info dropped the dime that it was actually someone named Cipha Sounds who made this piece of crap.

well thats a plus.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


goose - bring it on - acid jacks remix - 4.7 out 5

another one from the big guy/morning europe!
goose - bring it on - acid jacks remix mp3


kama & macgregor - inside - pig & dan remix - 4.7 out 5

i keep saying another one, but yeah another great pig & dan remix! sorry i'm not writing more, hopefully i will get back in the swing of things.
kama & mac gregor - inside - pig & dan remix mp3


robert babicz - crystal castle - 4.7 out 5

straight amazing dude. love his work with gui. this is what i consider straight hip hotel and restaurant music. get into this.
robert babicz - crystal castle mp3


aji - aji - 4.7 out 5

this track a great old school beat, glad to see people are still reading. i've been in and out of it lately!
aji - aji - mp3

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007


so this leaked today. and while bushy is away i'm gonna try to stockpile gifts for his return. and this is like that brand new red firetruck under the tree at christmas. you know, the shit your mom tried to wrap so it looked like a yellow sweater from your aunt. that one bangin gift that gets all your other shit piled up and forgotten for the first few hours of christmas morning.

if this song is any indication of the production on this album, then fuck it... saigon could be the whackest rapper of all time and this is still an XL. at least. i cant even say anymore about this, the beat is just so hot and saigon is no slouch behind the mic, of course. check it out. i aint gonna bother to put up a separate zshare, so thanks to nahright for the link

Saigon - C'mon Baby (featuring Swizz Beats) (produced by Just Blaze)

Monday, July 9, 2007


samim - heater - 4.8 out 5

let's hope he isn't talking about his gun. but if this track was a gun it be a big one, he wouldn't even have to shot it just show it to everyone and they will look in amazement. i don't even know what i'm talking about except this track is huge thanks for joe h from the uk tipping off us on it, he never lets us down. just don't feel right........
samim - heater mp3
samim myspace link


olav basoski - push me - 4.9 out 5

whoa what a track! not really shocked tho andy pry tipped me on it last week. i'm a sucker for jay z samples and even tho they are shitty most the time olav pulled it off for sure. nice big beats all over the place, making a run for late summer anthem.
olav basoski - push me - mp3


razorlight - can't stop - tong & spoon pure pacha remix - 4.7 out 5

if your into big room remixes this track is for you! tong & spoon work there magic once again with this razor light gem. so i'm sure summer season 2 you will hear this at opening or closing of sets.
razorlight - can't stop - tong & spoon pure pacha remix mp3


rossell ft emma - dancing with strangers - lifelike remix - 4.7 out 5

another solid remix from lifelike. i don't have much to say about it ha. blog might alittle slow over the next few weeks. i have alot going on but promise to give it my best. sorry to make it all live journal on you. how about the phillies today that ruled. btw i like this song alot. i just wish i could hear it loud.
rossell ft emma - dancing with strangers - lifelike remix mp3

Friday, July 6, 2007


lee kalt ft missus m - special k - 5 out 5

after the main dish we want to give you one more for the weekend. this taking from the subliminal session 11 uk release. another track that 2007 will be remember for. the vocals will have you thinking your in a k-hole. to be honest i never did k well at least i don't think i have, but one time we ate these things that where white and blue stars and and they weren't xtc and we couldn't move. was kinda fun. whatever you do be safe and enjoy these tracks. this is nyc house!

big up to andy frog and f.islands - yay!
lee kalt ft missus m - special k mp3
lee kalt myspace link


tknik - french lesson - 5 out 5

this track has so much going on! i'm not the biggest fan of french crunky sound but they pull it off and do it right. i don't know when this track came out, i'm just glad i have it now. it could be this summer ghetto fireworks. you can do so much with this track and i don't even dj so all you dj's out there add a new song to your playlist. there are already getting mad love from philly.
tknik myspace link
tknik - french lesson mp3


solaris heights - vice - 4.7 out 5

man i love vocals on tracks. it could be my downfall. but they really work on this track. i don't know much about solaris heights but i want to. i want to hear the track eating, sleeping, shopping and even in lines. trying to get a few tracks up for the weekend.
solaris heights - vice - mp3


ilya santana - quasar - 4.8 out 5

i don't know where to put this track. i mean def some deep disco-ish house but it's just perfect you know. i wonder if this fits the bill for dream house? god i love that term. i just want to space out on a beach at sunrise listen to this in the best headphones in the world. yes i'm a dreamer. the one other remix of this track is banging.
ilya santana - quasar mp3
ilya santana myspace link

Thursday, July 5, 2007


ari - hang over tears - demon remix - 4.7 out 5

as soon as i saw demon did a remix i grabbed this. we all know i'm a big demon fan. there are few remixes of this track already. like usual i put up the one i liked the best. to me the it has some middle earth going to earth for a good cause feel but that's just me and i'm weird. so i hope you enjoy it.
ari - hang over tears - demon remix mp3
ari myspace link


the hours - ali in the jungle - armand van helden remix - 4.7 out 5

this track def has a meck feel to it. but also a late 90's feel to it. some of the vocals could be tighter but i like the whole concept of them and idea for the song. armand def has his touch all of this remix. it's where your going!

the hours - ali in the jungle - armand van helden remix - mp3
the hours myspace link

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


thomas gold,diaz & young rebel - don't you want me - gold & ortega remix - 4.8 out 5

as a remake edit remix i think it's fun. this is just one of those tracks that will never go away and i'm sorta happy about that. there is also a dave spoon edit floating around. something on a cloudy holiday.
thomas gold,diaz & young rebel - don't you want me - gold & ortega remix mp3


major boys - pan america - denis the menace club mix - 4.6 out 5

as far as big room house goes, this is pretty fucking good. well produce full room sounding nice builds breaks and vocals all over this track. i love long tracks but this one could be a little shorter. but it never gets boring just the last 2 minutes never go anywhere. another hot summer track!
major boys - pan america - denis the menace club mix mp3
major boys myspace link

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


james zabiela - human - 4.8 out 5

another deep/spaced out house track that i'm loving. another track that has to build up but is so worth the wait. alot of tracks been flat lately this one gives you two really good moments. another solid release from james zabiela.
james zabiela - human mp3
james zabiela myspace

julien jabre - swimming places - ingrosso re-edit - 5 out 5

another mafia remix. this track is another amazing chill track with lots of layers. this is def hip lobby/hotel music but would def work in the club at the right time. everyone pretty much remixed this track already. one of the others ones that stick out is the heller's remix. enjoy this track.
julien jabre - swimming places 0 ingrosso - re-edit mp3
julien jabre myspace link

Monday, July 2, 2007


matthew dear - deserter - 4.8 out 5

does he ever put out anything bad? not really. this track has joy division sound to it among others. not really much to say, there is a remix of it also. just a pretty song that will get stuck in your head.
matther dear - deserter mp3

Sunday, July 1, 2007


george carrasco - fatlip - george's juicylicious dub - 4.7 out 5

another miami dude ready to do his thing. this track is def south beach/downtown miami big room. the build up to the break is what caught me and the tribal drums after, very very nice. i wonder if this is going to make it over to ibiza it has pacha anthem written all over it.
george - carrasco - fatlip - george's juicylicious dub mp3
george carrasco aka dj thunder myspace link


x-press 2 - kill 100 - shelter edit - 4.8 out 5

man this track is so good! perfect for a nice chill day like today. maybe have a wine cooler or a frozen drink to it. once again wish there was 30 minute edit of it fuck it just keep it on repeat. i have yet to see them live but another act i would love to see. summer song anthems.
x-press 2 - kill 100 - shelter edit mp3
x-press 2 myspace link