Saturday, January 27, 2007

i've been waiting for this track/record

tracey thorn - its all true - 4.5 out 5
man i've been hype for this record. everything but the girl with ewan pearson and others. this is the single, that i'm putting out there. this records goes everywhich way. like that elevator from willy wonka, yeah the one we all wanted to ride as kids for some of you me i still have that dream. ok i get off track sometimes. back to this song. this song can cross over with any crowd and it will. this will be a hotel lobby anthem. im sure the remixes are going to be fucking sick.....the record as a whole....very rapture influnce i would say.....but thats ace's the way we look at it..... enjoy

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tracey thorn - its all true mp3

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