Monday, January 15, 2007

good morning

sorry for the late start but last night did the tour of bk
-started with indie rock show- not much as change there since 1997
-then we went to some bar on bedford where bangers do there party i know the name of the place but cant spell it in english or the bonics- it was cool pretty good music/i like that the bar was clean and well kept.
i just have a question if you have serato and you sit there for 4 mins go back and foward with the me what you got. just drop dont mix......but i enjoy the time there with friends and family......i sound like a cell phone plan.
-finally went to nu wiggaz super party hoe down mixer jump off battle 44- sike well maybe at stuido b - it was cool alot of macs tho- i didnt know if i was at a internet cafe or a rave. but i enjoy tracks where good nothing blew my mind- its good to see the rest of the country trying to come along for the ride......but to me philly still holds it down-cosmo's set at the end was tight i think alittle to indepth for the average emo turn dance hall. spank rock did his thing - philly love from spank rock and amanda- of course the hightlight of my night is when mattie grabbed the mic- BROOOOOOOOKLYN- over all a very good sunday night minus the indie rock- i dance got wild i think even stage dive- was there a stage- shout outs to andy frog leslie maria the geo

oh here is a start for today

thanks maria this is how im rocking my spring gear

by the way lifetime 108 coldworld in nj

gillie da kid
stand up

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Anonymous said...

"nu wiggaz super party hoe down mixer jump off battle 44- sike" stephen bush does your kindergarden teacher know about this?! ha