Friday, January 19, 2007

had internet problems all day......your weekend starts and ends here

ok tonight afew things going on carl craig at studio b
but me andy will be at white lighting - seeing julian mano and his cousin hold it down
my favorite people party
my boys djing
come support ok

in america shits been stale. but in euroland they are pumping out jams getting ready for wmc,ultrafest etc.
so here we go

another chance - sound of eden - 4 out 5
this song has all the sounds of mid 90s house but very modern. i like the girls vocals better then the male. but its working. i love the name of the track. this is going to be huge. i hope me and my boy are singing this on the way to pacha in the cab. all around get up and dance traxxx. there are a couple remixes out there im feeling the bodyrox vocal....please leave comments or requst of it

another chance - sounds of eden - og mp3

dannii minogue - he's the greatest dancer - chris lake mix - 4 out 5
we all know that im a hugh fan of the minogue's. we all know that im a huge fan of chris lake. what does that give us another one of my favorites. peanutbutter and nutella(i bet you thought i was going to say jelly). as i stated above you can tellwe are apon wmc. these tracks are heating up euroland all over. probley right now as we speak.(so if your oil or gas lines get cut again just dance). i already got some fire remixes of this too lined up. man i wish i had money for vinyl. dannii and chris thank you for that amazing break.

dannii minogue - he's the greatest dancer - chris lake mix mp3

hoxton whores - friday saturday love - 3.5 out 5
this track i think will stay alittle lowkey more then the others. its def a kitchen raver song. upbeat flowing like a river no stopping it. this will be the filler track that djs play when they are switching. i like alot. but not as good as some of there other ibeza anthems. this is just a start a got loads of shit to up load. support artist myspace them buy records go see them

hoxton whores - friday saturday love mp3

dont hate my grammar its just the way that i talk

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