Monday, January 29, 2007

band profile:GOOD BURGER

so my friends good burger is all the rage in the uk. and if your lucky enough to know them you would understand and know why. its the works of 3 amazing girls who like myself brain never stops working. coming out of brookyln, but breed elsewhere. this machine is fun. its like disney world in tokyo 2078 meets back to the future part 2, lots of acid, some photoshop and alot of fucking sas. so let us know what you think and please drop them aline. or cut them one up. that's if they do drugs. i'm not sure.

dreamburger the myspace link
ddddddddream unit
dream burger - apocalypeswow mp3

dream burger - fantasy 2 batmix mp3


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louisahhhh said...
saw these boys spin last night and it was actually so good that i danced hard enough to sprain my ankle and had to go home. check it