Friday, January 26, 2007


the weekend starts here! we trying to get afew tracks out for the euros can warm up to.
and make that day go by fast for the state side people.

oh you'll love me for this one.......
dreamstylerz inc. - lets do this! - 4 out of 5
man we are calling this track alot of things......1. its good. 2. we are calling it the first post emo trance hit. 3.anthem the eu will play when another wall falls down.4.this is what the mummers will sound like in a thousands years. i can't find much info about this band. i need pics and links.......its sugar and spice and everything nice......we are like a big blanket over here, we cover everything......the good the bad and the pretty awesome.....

here are pics of mummers its a philly thing

dreamstylerz inc - lets do this mp3


andrew said...

My brain is melting.

Dream Stylerz !!!

ha how long till they have their own

cartoon series and breakfast cereal

leslie Cuc said...
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leslie said...

amazing. this song reminds me of 1998 eurodance anthems. you love the eu!

Bushy said...

how is this not a ringtone