Monday, January 29, 2007

a late night treat

andreas kleerup with robyn -with every heartbeat - rory philips remix - 4 out 5 guestlists

this track is pretty perfect for me right now. i'm a sucker for girl voice's in the cold with snow. we got all three right here. plus robyn being swedish doesn't hurt. now the rory part, i was really impressed with this track. knew this song but never heard this remix. man how something just slip pass you. i don't want to put it up there with early goldfrapp/annie/karin storm etc - but this could be better then anything done by them. well in my mind. if only i still did e. well thats cause i don't have any. sike. well maybe.

i took a nap so i'm not tired. anyone want to talk on aim

andreas kleerup ft/ robyn - with every heartbeats - rory philips perfect mix mp3

andreas kleerup myspace link
robyn myspace lin
rory party our disco myspace link

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squirrel said...

my song. mine.