Wednesday, January 17, 2007

mp3s are coming in

i know its been a minute but here we are........
we just don't put up any shit.........

mirwais - naive song - dave clark remix - 4 out 5
here we go,i like the strings in this one alot, with vocals above has it all comes together. nice little build towards the end. a nice lite hard hitting track. im a dave clark fan

mirwais - naive song - dave clark remix mp3

couldnt find a website for mriwais
but here is a link for the og track

tape 23 - fan of kate - simian mobile disco remix - 4 out 5
along the line of the last track(see above)i like vocals also. bleeps and beeps everywhere. but good everywhere. this is a song you like to be out in snowstorm walking with friends watching them throw up, eating pizza, throwing snowballs. just good background music or sitting by a fireplace. i sorta rush this review to go to dumount burger with andy and nikki yeah dl enjoy
support artist and me

tape 23 - fan of kate - mp3
simian moblie disco myspace link

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