Saturday, June 30, 2007


dangles maxime - plane - 5 out 5

thank you dangles maxime. this is just a really amazing track. yes i am dick riding. tonight is one of the big nights for fireworks in philly this be amazing song to go with it. this kid already has some many solid tracks out but to me this is his best so far. i just hope he can top it. and i thought surkin was small.
dangles maxime myspace link
dangles maxime - plane - mp3


Well if your album is never coming out, and for Free it sure looks like Nevuary 32nd is the current release date on Free At Last, you might as well drop mixtapes. By my count, this is #2 with Free screamin "Free At Last on the way". At least he learned his lesson to not yell out dates.

Anyway this is a solid tape. Freeway's flow is one of the best in the biz and he absolutely runs laps on some of the old beats used on this tape (politics as usual, hate me now) and all the new beats (make me better, lil wayne's you aint know, party like a rockstar). the freeway/jay song isnt bad either.

overall it makes you hunger for the album. if he can run laps over all these beats, he should be able to to light up new production. lets hope the flow stays on point for the album. til then, let this tide you over.

Freeway - Live Free Die Hard mixtape (produced by Don Cannon)


felix da housecat - future calls the dawn - 4.7 out 5

some people think felix fell off, i sorta agree. first let me point out felix is in my top 5 favorite producers for dance music of all time. a chicago legend for sure. even tho he now lives in atlanta. the vocals sorta sound like a t-pain-ish. ok so i saw felix down at wmc and he was sorta off, yeah dj's have bad nights sure but then he stop the music and told everyone about this new track he was about to play, i was there with some important people and we got excited. so he goes and drops tweek or whatever it is called alittle dated to call it new. ok so back to the reason i love him, him and diddy will lead the hip hop/ hip pop and dance together for sure. anyway i hope he blows up again he's been on his grind for minute. i remember finding out about him from cosmic cat, i love her.
felix da housecat - future calls the dawn mp3
felix da housecat myspace link

Friday, June 29, 2007


lindstrom - breakfast in heaven - 5 out 5

another solid track from one of the best out there. this track goes everywhere but you feel like your standing in place just bopping your head along. goes great with alot of tracks being dropped right now! i hope everyone starts to drop this.
lindstrom - breakfast in heaven - mp3


shiloh - vice - luke chable remix - 5 out 5

i know this track came out last year, but its another must have track for all time. shiloh is one of my favorite music maker of all time! the build up and the break in this song alone. what kind of mood does it put you in. i feel my words are going to water down this amazing track! dance to it, make love to it.
shiloh - vice - luke chable remix mp3


twaine - did you know - 4.7 out 5

i'm really feeling these short 3 to 5 minutes tracks. here is twaine from sweet sweden that people need to know about. sorta has that herve/duke d/sinden feel. but for some reason i like this better. we all know i'm a sucker for swede's. from there pic's these dude's know how to party!
also head over to music for kittens for a alan braxe dance remix!
twaine - did you know - mp3

Thursday, June 28, 2007


supertramp vs laurel canyon - goodbye stranger one night stand - 4.6 out 5

this is one of those really bad amazing tracks. well not amazing but something that will get the big room going nuts towards end. sorry it's only 10 minutes long. i'm sure there is some super epic 20 minute mix that paul oakfield opens up with. well enjoy it for what it is!
supertramp vs laurel canyon - goodbye stranger one night stand mp3


poni hoax - involutive star - joakim remix - 4.7 out 5

maybe my favorite joakim track in minute. this track has a lot of hype right now and i can see why. joakim adds a lot more bleeps and extends it a little longer. not much more to say but to check it out. def some 5 am on tons of e track!
poni hoax myspace link
poni hoax - involutive star - joakim remix mp3

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Benjamin bates - on my feet - benjamin omfg mix - 4.8 out 5

more remixes of a amazing track! this time mostly cut out all the vocals but you still hear them if you listen. there are about 5 other remixes of this track all of them are pretty banging. you should get them all. the phatzoo one is my other favorite hits alot hard and everywhere. this is going to make it on a lot of best of 2007 list. sorta has that pete heller's simpler feel maybe. enjoy!
Benjamin bates - on my feet - benjamin omfg mix mp3
benjamin bates myspace link

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


hopefully that works. anyway thats the video for kanye's second single "Stronger". If you haven't heard it, he's sampling Daft Punk on the beat/hook. Not a Daft Punk fan but it absolutely works... been crazy about the song since I got a crummy radio rip with some german dude yelling over it. what the fuck is up with kanye's wardrobe in this though? george forman grill looking shades and a denim vest huh? i'll pass. the video is like the party scene in hackers meets the reconstruction scene in 5th element. make whatever you want out of that.

video courtesy of onsmash.


trabant - the one - filthy dukes remix - 4.7 out 5

man the people at apple dropped the ball if you ask me. i would def have use this song in the i-phone commercial or at least one of them. the one phone you need to have, well so they say. these boys from iceland are going to have another post emo hit. i'm sure america apparel store's from philly to nyc to miami have this on full blast. don't drop the ball again apple!
trabant - the one - filthy duke remix mp3
trabant myspace link


axwell - i found u - tocadisco mix - 4.8 out 5

this song is starting to get the love it deserves! we threw it up a few months ago but was asked to take it down. we will keep this up until that happens again. the original track is top 5 tracks of 2007 easy. the disco boys also did a remix/edit of it. you can't fuck with the swedish house mafia! along comes tocadisco who puts his big beats and breaks over it! very up lifting! the big room sound is now! the jam band is coming america get ready!
axwell - i found u - tocadisco remix mp3


thugfucker - blatant - guy gerber & hadas reshuffle - 4.7 out 5

thugfucker is back and this time i think they got a hit. lots of bleeps, but the good bleeps. the original is pretty tight also, but guy and hadas def make it alot more fun. a solid release for sure! enjoy!
thugfucker - blatant - guy gerber & hadas reshuffle mp3
thugfucker myspace

Monday, June 25, 2007


the studio - life's a beach - todd terje beach house mix - 4.6 out 5

this is the second studio remix we put up. not as good as the green remix but def worth listen to and having. with midsommar over and the start of summer great camp fire song. oh i count the days till i'm back there!
the studio - life's a beach - todd terje beach house mix mp3
tood terje myspace link


rekorder - 9.1 - 4.7 out 5

me and rekorder have a love/non love issue at times. this release 9.0 is nothing but love. rekorder is some of the best people in the game doing there thing under a aliase. i'm sure i'm not telling you anything you don't know already. just in case some people weren't aware.
rekorder - 9.1 - mp3
rekorder myspace


sander kleinenberg - the right time - 4.7 out 5

ok maybe alittle corny, but really good in that big room way. i just like how the track builds and from how it start to how it ends. the switch up at 6 mins in i like alot. you already know about sk and you should know what your getting into!
sander kleinenberg - myspace link
sander kleinenberg - the right time mp3


internet bill was not paid for afew days
but we are back and will have some tracks up in alittle
did you miss us??

Thursday, June 21, 2007


ricky fobis - scimmie - b-igor & lady brian rmx - 4.7 out 5

another deep epic track that is becoming a hit in ibiza. the whole build up is nice. i mean some tracks you just wait and wait and wait and nothing happens. but this has a moment. well worth the weight. another hit for italy.
ricky fobis - scimmie - b-igor & lady brian mp3
ricky fobis myspace

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


joshua collins - lilo - 5 out 5

if you like life a little you'll love this song. this is stuff good things are made of. sorry took me a second to upload it, i did about a week ago but had to restart my computer and forgot to do it again. my bad. awww life! tomorrow should be a better day because LOUISAHHH!!! is in town. i will be meeting her at the chinatown bus stop!
joshua collins myspace link
josha collin lilo mp3

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


the ian carey project - love won't wait - michael mind remix - 4.7 out 5

another big room track. i do love some cheesy vocals. another release where every mix of this track is pretty good and playable. every track is playable you just need to know when it works and when it doesn't. the mark knight mix is my other favorite!
the ian carey project - love won't wait - michael mind rmx mp3
ian carey myspace

Monday, June 18, 2007


arias - twelve - 4.7 out 5

please don't let arias become another magoo. he is the other side of mega hit magenta. lately i've been into deep electro/house tracks and this is right there with it. i'm a big fan of arias. this track also have a few remixes which are all banging! so add him support him!
arias myspace link
arias - twelve mp3

Sunday, June 17, 2007


grace - not over yet - 4.6 out 5

yes this is the song the klaxons cover. i mean most people know that anyway but if you didn't know you know. a track everyone should have. classics.
grace - not over yet mp3


moguai & tocadisco - freaks - tocadisco's commandeur mix - 4.8 out 5

every mix of this song is on point! at times i like the vocals and at times i can do without them. this track is going to be huge! i need food. had a pretty good weekend. going to try get a few tracks up tonight! sorry for the delay
moguai & tocadisco - freaks - tocadisco's commandeur mix mp3
moguai myspace

Friday, June 15, 2007


outwork - out of time - 5 out 5

very good deep house track! fans of ame/prydz will enjoy this one as much as i. just got it today and already at least 12 plays. yeah i'm def feeling this as i listen to it once more as i do this write up thing. i should of threw up earlier. italy is getting stronger by the second!
outwork - out of time mp3
outwork myspace link


sandra flyn ft avril paul - lipstick - 4.7 out 5

i'll tell you from the start this is already better then lip gloss. really good raunchy vocals on this track. kinda reminds me of early chicks on speed! i would def check this one out! i just don't know if i could take the vocals on every track.
sandra flyn ft avril paul - lipstick mp3
sandra flyn myspace


dubfire - roadkill - cedric gervais remix - 4.8 out 5

been waiting for this one for a second. a great warm up track. has a moment for sure
trying to get a few tracks up and out there for yall. where is the heat at.......
dubfire - roadkill - cedric gervais remix mp3

Thursday, June 14, 2007


relation - your tiny mind - lifelike remix - 4.8 out 5

music for kittens blog does daft punk thursday! i think i'm going to do a weekly lifelike post! i think i do anyway. but check them out good stuff over there! back to this track so so so good. wait till the 40 year old gays find out about lifelike it's over! they will sell a million records. bring them back to there youth! another solid remix by lifelike but also check out relation.
relation - myspace link
relation - your tiny mind - lifelike remix mp3


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


freeway ft jayz - big spenders - 5 out 5

today started off bad, our dog ran in the street and got ran over. i'm really missing him right now. hopefully tomorrow will be alittle better.

ok we all know that i'm the biggest hov and freeway fan. i've been waiting on this track for a few years! we been teased with world war 3/how i was raised/where you been among other club bangers! this is the first official in a few years! bout to philly and the roc back on the map! i mean at the end of the day tell me which one can't spit!
here you go!

freeway ft jayz - big spenders mp3


olivier giacomotto - gail in the o - john acquaviva & damon jee remix - 4.7 out 5

i think this track been on a few other blogs, but with that being said i'm throwing it up anyway. does the whole country of france just dance every second? oh how i fell in love with you threw music. one day maybe i'll get to go to paris/bordeaux! until then i'm sit at home and listen to your music and watch sportscenter. this track needs more play in the states. and you should check out alot of olivier other remixes. I MEAN come on influences.....Suicidal Tendencies!!!!!!!!!!
oliver giacomotto - gail in the o - john acquaviva & damon jee remix mp3
olivier giacomotto myspace link


Zeigeist - dawn/nite demo - 4.7 out 5

i don't want to compare them to early knife but yeah it works. except i don't mind the male vocals on zeigeist tracks. this track sorta has a scissors sisters feel on the hooks. i don't if this is in my head but it def has a gothenburg feel to it. and i like that alot. i really want to see them live. so here is some electo pop for the morning!
this will grow on you i promise.
Zeigeist - dawn/nite demo mp3
zeigeist myspace link


club 45 vs rockstar - stars on 45 - 4.6 out 5

tiger records is hot right now! i'm looking forward to a lot of there up and coming releases. this was one of them. disco/electro/house thing going on here. kinda late. i'm kind of tired. so here you go!

club 45 vs rockstar - stars on 45 mp 3

sliver surfer movie is coming out
4th of july
daft punk rapture

afew things i'm sorta looking forward to
but not really

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


garbage - tell me where it hurts - orchestral mix - 5 out 5

as far as pop songs go this is a 5. this mix sorta has a arcade fire feel to it, sorta of. this track will get remixed by a few people! yes i love female vocals i just think this song is very well written! and the video is neat! and her lyrics have like a post stone rose's feel!
garbage = tell me where it hurts - orchestral mix mp3

here is the video


rocco - roots 4 acid - 4.8 out 5

sorry bout the delays in tracks! but something is always going on either in my world or head. saw my other shrink 2 day. i liked him i now have 2. ok i've been wanting to throw this one for a few days. the whole track is solid but middle to the end is where it shines! go cop the remixes of this track!

a few things
bonds hit homerun 747 - he is going to break that record
stack bundles was killed today - rip - and keep beef on wax
phillies won there 33rd game!
rocc - roots 4 acid mp3

Saturday, June 9, 2007


tom snare - philosophy - 5 out 5

good morning everyone! last night at click was alot of fun. i love fluid one of the best clubs in the world. ok lets talk tom snare! more french electro/house! this is going to be huge! i would love to see arno cost rmx this! the whole ep is really good with a really nice chill track no dreams!
tom snare myspace
tom snare philosophy mp3

Friday, June 8, 2007


hot chip - shake a fist - 4.8 out 5

more hot tracks. i had a great night out tonight with a lot of good friends. maybe the end is near. so see me why you can! i don't know what else to think. but listen to this track it's kinda neat!
hot chip - shake a fist mp3

Thursday, June 7, 2007


joseph armani - elbow - mason remix - 4.8 out 5

today was a good day for music. alot of good tracks. mason is back at it again. this time remixing joseph armani's elbow. more of that dutch electro/house that the world can't get enough of. so if you see me out in the crowd mr/ms dj please put this record on so we can have fun!
joseph armani - elbow - mason remix mp3
joseph armani home page


sven gosch - sometimes - 4.8 out 5

this is drug music at it's best. deep deep dark electro with a hint of booty bass(which i'm not a fan of)here and there. this is second wind stuff. nice very chilling vocals. just look at your mate and be like i'm rolling my fucking face off. or do that key bump of coke. don't do drugs

i still need the eyerer and chopstick new edit of haunting
thank you
sven gosch - sometimes mp3
sven gosch myspace link


mark ronson ft lily allen - oh my god - chris lake remix - 4.7 out 5

oh my good remixes are dropping. and there are a ton of them. i always put up the one i like the most and stay true on this one. but the other ones are ok afew by emperor and even busta rhymes hopped on it. i mean what nyc rapper hasn't jumped on a british girl track yet. i'm still waiting for jim jones to do one.

$2 dollar beers
$2 dollar well
andy pry and jamie j are spinning, 1718 Sansom Street around 11ish!

mark ronson ft lily allen - oh my god - chris lake mp3


Tuesday, June 5, 2007


nightstylers - push it - 4.7 out 5

sunset is upon us here in philly. it looks like its going to be a good one. pretty nice weather today. this track reminds me when soma first open(philly house lounge). every night there was excitement oh how amazing the night could go and who would show up to spin a guest set. i saw josh wink/paul johnson among others in the this box of a club. this is track i'm sure we would listen to as we set up. get into this track!
nightstylers - push it - mp3


axer - 321 - 4.8 out 5

that prydz set going around right now is amazing! if anyone needs it let me know and i will upload it. i listen to it like 5 times in arow last night/this morning. but this track that him and axwell did everyone should have, so here it is.
axer - 321 - mp3

Monday, June 4, 2007


jaimie fanatic - a new day - 4.6 out 5

fans of lifelike,menace etc this is for you. on his myspace page his tracks sound more dutch electro. but i guess he is turning a new leave on this ep. which is pretty solid. i would def cop the whole thing. so here is alittle taste for all of yous. hollar at this dude.
jaimie fanatic - a new day mp3
jamie fanatic myspace


enrique iglesias - do you know aka ping pong - ralphi rosario & craig cjs rmx - 4.7 out 5

yes i love this dude! always have always will. i mean come on. would i bring the mole back, hmm yeah i would. his songs always get stuck in your head, for me in a good way. give me some e bombs and best of enrique cd and i'll be good for a few hours.
enrique iglesias - do you know aka ping pong - ralphi rosario & craig cjs rmx mp3


dragonette - take it like a man - hoxton whores remix - 4.7 out 5

with this song being on every blog around i figure i throw up my favorite remix of it. hoxton whores! yes the big room mix of it. i really don't have much to say, maybe alittle later on. i'll try get a few tracks up tonight.
dragonette - take it like a man - hoxton whores remix mp3


andrea t mendoza ft manuela - put your hands up - radio club mix - 4.5 out 5

very good upbeat track. has the feel of early 90's house track but more modern. great vocals and great break. something you want to wake up too! enjoy.
andrea t mendoza ft manuela - put your hands up - mp3
andrea t mendoza myspace link

Sunday, June 3, 2007


adam sparkles - new mix

adam is one of my favorite djs period. very skilled and i love his track selection. he is also part of philly's making time and click but you can also catch him in most northeast cities. check out his mix and then head over to his myspace to hear some of his official rmxs of holy hail/120 days and the klaxons club banger.
philly philly!

adam sparkles myspace link
adam sparkles new mix

tomboy - flamingo [ta-ram mix]
federico franchi - creme
rapture - get myself into it [serge santiago mix]
faze action - in the trees [carl craig c2 remix #1]
swag - hot gloves [bakazou remix]
dondolo - tetanus crisis [mock and toof remix]
holy hail - big guns [dave p and adam sparkles it hot remix]
goat dance - goat dance
marc houle - bay of figs
pig and dan - on to the beat
radio slave - screaming hands
the knife - like a pen [thomas schumacher dub]
gui boratto - beautiful life

Friday, June 1, 2007


andrea doria - bucci bag - 4.7 out 5

another classic from 2003 making a 2007 comeback. if anyone has it please send it over.
this a fun track that everyone should know. this verision is alittle more breakey then the original. you should have alot of andrea doria in your life anyway.
andrea doria myspace
andrea - doria bucci bag mp3



kill the lights - dirty love - 4.2 out 5

kill the lights is another canada band that could make it here in the states. already played here afew times this weekend they are doing that duel city tour. aka bk and manhattan. not a bad thing. tonight they will be at the premier rocker party in williamsburg, Crashin In at Galapagos. and tomorrow my good friend jasper has them booked at the lower east side staple pianos. so if you have no plans yet this weekend try to check them out once or even twice.
kill the lights - dirty love mp3
kill the lights myspace


jence - pogo galactica - 4.7 out 5

this track came out in 2005. it came along way from start to finish. i'm sure it's not done yet. i guess you can say it's like wine got better with age. jence just release more solo stuff thats been floating around the net and on other blogs. get into.
btw i just heard dave p's new bloc party remix. FIRE !
jence - pogo galactica mp3
jence myspace link