Monday, April 30, 2007


klaxons - it's not over yet - crimp yer hair remix - 4.5 out 5

klaxon's just keep getting remixed and edited. why not they are good and one of the leader's of nme's nu rave. philly we get wild but we are alittle more mature in our scene i think and it tells by the quality of our music and parties! rest of the state's can't fuck with us. ask any of the big dj's or bands. MAKING TIME is the staple of the us of a parties! i'm becoming more and more of a fan of these crimp dj's. this time around they made the track alot more cleaner and friendly. we'll that is enough from me here it is!

klaxons - it's not over yet - crimp yer hair remix mp3

crimp yer hair mypsace link


primal scream - come together - 5 out 5

i don't think i've heard anyone drop this in a second. maybe optimo 2 years ago. such a set up track or ending track. it captures the moment or makes one. it take's a second to get going. i would love to see some one mash up this with heller's simpler. at some point in your life this should be in your top 25 on itunes!
primal scream - come together mp3
primal scream myspace


timberland ft nelly f & justin t - give to me - dj break edit - 4.5 out 5

we posted this song the first day it leaked afew months ago. sta dropped his remix of it days after. and now we are here with dj break take on it. never heard of this dude. saw it on oink and did some googling. i think it has a more of electro beat, but it works. but a nice take of it. we go say hi to this dude! he has a few other remix's/edit's posted.
dj break myspace link
timberland ft nelly f & justin t - give it to me dj break edit mp3


afrika system - anikana - electroluv edit - 4.7 out 5

don't blow this song off till you listen to the whole thing. classic electro with a touch of GOOD tribal. some good ad lib's for sure. this is another one of those tracks if someone big start's dropping it, it would spread like a wildfire again. another classic coming back!
afrika system - anikana - electroluv edit mp3

Sunday, April 29, 2007


axwell - i found you (remode) - 4.8 out 5

these dudes just don't stop. they go in every direction yet keeping there sound. piano's are hot right now in the house game and they use perfectly on this track. vocal's on point. they are the swedish house mafia!

axwell myspace link

Saturday, April 28, 2007


mark ronson's version of b spear's toxic - 4.5 out 5

as a dj he can rock a party or clear it, but his producing game is not to be fucked with. kid has amazing vision and goes alot of place's were most people wouldn't. and for that reason i respect his talent. i wonder if this was a left over winehouse beat he had sitting around. this record is a great pre-game record. at home getting ready put this on it will do it's job.
mark ronson's version of b spear's toxic mp3


minimalistix - whistling drive (trance whistle song edit or whatever) - 4 out 5

i know i know trance, but i know alot of people still love this song. minimalistix coming from belgium are pretty well know over there. not much more to say. i just surprise nobody has mashed up whistle song with hung up. it goes well. and would work
if you do mash up i have alot of idea's so hollar at me !

nfl draft talk - almost time for the birds aka philadelphia eagles !!!
minmalistix - whistling drive mp3
minimalistix myspace link



carl kennedy - ride the storm - 5 out 5

we talk about moments alot here. this is the track you want to be playing when your around good friends telling good stories. this is going to be massive all over. another track i can't wait to see who reworks this. another aussie doing his thing. will dirty south touch this? maybe he already did. i like to see ronson mess with it. this could take be the new big room closer. watch out snow patrol.
carl kennedy - ride the storm mp3
carl kennedy myspace


daft punk - one more time - chris punk remix - 4.7 out 5

it's been a few weeks since we had a daft punk post. another track been rocking for afew weeks. nothing crazy about this but done well. another good daft punk mp3 for the collection, mp's are for sure my pokemon. let's see if we can get anymore tracks out tonite. did anyone see that phillie game last night
daft punk - one more time - chris punk remix mp3


arno cost & arias - magenta - riley & durrant tranced up mix 4.6 out 5

i had this remix for a second. but forgot to put it up. i don't think there really has been a bad remix or edit of this song. not the biggest fan of trance but on this track they slow up some parts at the right time to give you that bring down the berlin wall feel. everyone's happy. you really need to get some older arno cost in your life. i hope we get more eastern european viewer's now!!!
ps hit me up on the myspace

arno cost & arias - magenta - riley & durrant tranced up mix mp3
riley & durrant myspace link


payami - backstage - 4.7 out 5

we love swedish music so much and we love malmo scene just as much as gothenburg and stockholm. payami is one of my favorite artist. i believe this is the 3rd song of his we have put up here from him. this track is very very there. in a good way. something you want to hear at the right place and right time. the break is on point like a sunset or rise.
ali payami myspace link
payami - backstage mp3

Friday, April 27, 2007


late teenagers - fresh rain - 4.5 out 5

yes i know techno kick lately. i don't know much about these dude's late teenagers, but i would like to. i found a website with no information, so if anyone has there myspace link or whatever please post it. nice chill track that is very pretty.
late teenagers website
late teengers - fresh rain mp3


gat decor - passion - stanton warriors remix - 4.5 out 5

mid 90's track that were huge keep coming back, erol introduce the indie kids to josh wink's higher state, trent reworked moby's go, making all time bangers more modern. now it looks like gat decor is getting a go around. stanton warriors def put there touch on it. i'm really look for the dave spoon edit. so if you know this track you love it and if you didn't enjoy!
gat decor myspace
gat decor - passion - stanton warriors remix mp3


dino lenny - coca cola - 4.4 out 5

this is for sure going to become a indie anthem. as much as i love cheesey vocals, some of them could be cut out off this track. but the basic of the track is good. nice bass line that flows well. dino lenny does some good thing check him out.
dino lenny myspace mp3
dino lenny coca cola mp3


ken ishii - organised green - 7th gate remix - 4.5 out 5

this dude has been a staple in the techno scene for years, his video's are that good also. this track is alittle trippy but are you surprise from ken ishii with a touch from 7th gate. well it's friday trying to get a few tracks out.
ken ishii web page
ken ishii - organised green - 7th gate remix mp3


jon gurd - our execution - 4.6 out 5

big beat uk style. jon gurd is back and this time brought some heat with him. has small room feel with big room break. has 2 nice breaks in it. the second having the nice build up to make that big moment. well let me know what you think! did you see kobe tonight? time for the x-files! it's cold and rainy nite here in philadelphia.

jon gurd myspace
jon gurd - our execution mp3

Thursday, April 26, 2007


ame - rej - jerry ropero remix - 4.7 out 5

if you want to get on our blog just remix this song. this is one of my top ten tracks of all times. easy! last summer had so many good things. jerry ropero is quickly becoming one of my favorite's. i know he's been around for awhile but lately making all the right moves. this track is bumping from the start and at the very end give you a nice big build up and break as it goes out.
ame - rej - jerry ropero 2007 remix mp3


faithless - kind of peace - 4.8 out 5

so the faithless sampler leaked. i'm going to say this will end up in alot of people's top ten for 2007 when it does drop. it's soooooooo good and uplifting. i wish there was more music like this. there would be less problems in the world that's for sure. music matter's was just a sample of where this record is going to take you. it will def make you weep and give you hope. there is even a cover on it. i won't ruin it for you. ok i will they do a upgrade on the cure's Lullaby. anyway i wish i was seeing them this weekend at coachella.
faithless - kind of peace mp3


solvent - my radio - 5 out 5

i remember when nick wojo use to bring this track in. what the fuck the kid is the best hands down.(get back into it please). i mean these comps were so good. adult - nightlife, dmx krew - take me among others. so let me know if you are feeling this.
this whole solvent record is a must have.
solvent - my radio - mp3
solvent - my radio myspace


booka shade - tickle - 5 out 5

i hope some other blog put this up. new booka shade. instant classic. so many parts to this song. you would think its afew different tracks. karma car is really good also i mean it's booka shade. ok i have alot of songs to put up.
booka shade - tickle mp3
booka shade myspace link


freeway & jakk frost - hit da club up - 4.5 out 5

so our power in the house finally got put back on. benja styles sent this over to me afew days ago, but hence the power. it's up over at hip hop game one of my favorite sites. so us being philly dude's we got to rep all 3 that was part of this good track. frost on the roc!!!
freeway & jakk frost - hit da club up mp3
benhja styles myspace link
benja styles website



Monday, April 23, 2007


brett johnson - it's the underground - eric prydz edit - 5 out 5

let this track build up. already a solid track prydz put his touch on it. good things come to those who wait, that saying works here. i don't know what else to say but it's huge huge huge.
brett johnson myspace link
brett johnson - it's the underground - eric prydz edit mp3


bob sinclar - i feel for you - axwell dub - 4.5 out 5

we are getting our e.u. on here with this track. nothing crazy but a good solid track that flows good. even the art work for this one is cool. should i put of that aycan track i love it. anyone else feeling it, well the sunset crew remix. not as trancey. i was feeling this afew months ago but ppl clowned me for it, but it's getting dropped now.
are you watching tv?
bob sinclar - i feel for you - axwell dub mp3

Sunday, April 22, 2007


montoja - love comes over me - damien strong remix - 4.6 out 5

just a strong track in everyway. sunfreakz are just on fire right now. well i'm watching tv and all but enjoy this.
montoja - loves come over me - damien strong remix mp3


robert miles - children 2007 - jerry ropero remix - 4.6 out 5

if you were going to open a olympics ceremony this is your track. tracks been out for a second. this is either a love me or hate me track. is there a medium i'm not sure. it's def uplifting. some of your favorite dj's been opening with this track. great look out to bradford.

robert miles - children 2007 - jerry ropero remix mp3


phonogenic - swedish taboo - 4.6 out 5

another amazing release from phonogenic. every track on this is really good. very good casual music, background music. something you want to hear while your eating dinner. not over powering but still there. i'm a fan of it and you should too. more mature sound. well enjoy.
phonegenic - swedish taboo - mp3
phonegenic myspace link

Saturday, April 21, 2007


the freaks - the creeps - steve bug remix - 4.7 out 5

this been one of my favorite tracks for along time. everyone remixed it and did there thing with it. this is my favorite of all them. tong is starting to drop it here and there. dj's been on it.
the freaks - the creeps - steve bug remix mp3

Friday, April 20, 2007


chemical brotehrs - do it again - extended - 4.6 out 5

it's going to be a good summer. with big name tracks filling floors on every level. the vocals are soo good, some of the best on chemical brothers track in a second. i would like it to have a bigger break. i wish for alot of things. andy just flew out to meet up with the rapture in the dirty dirty. i need a new tag team partner.
chemical brothers - do it again mp3

Thursday, April 19, 2007


hiem - club scene - justus k disco pop remix - 4.7 out 5

something alittle different but very good. i didn't think i would like this track this much but it's fun. has a early tiga/solvet sound to it. really good start up track. or at home chill music. his vocal's are growing on me by the second.
hiem myspace link
justus k myspace link
hiem - club scene - justis k disco pop remix mp3

in other news today i started to see a shrink. i like it her, let's hope this is a start of something good.


karin strom - klaustrofobi - andy pry & dance's with white girl's - 5 out 5

i know alot of artists dj's producer's etc in this world of ours, but karin strom has to be one of those amazing people that stand out. from the first message i sent her on myspace wondering if we could do a remix of hers she was nothing less then excited and welcomed us with open arms. even tho her lyric's are in swedish(which i love)you can still feel the power in her voice in every word sung. her english is top notch and better then most of ours(for sure mine). with that being said i have to give it up to andy and frog for working with a song they didn't know what she was saying but yet still capture the feeling and mood of the song. i can't wait to see her live. discobelle put this song up last friday and we like to thank them for that and we would like to say tack to karin. we are going to put it up here. i'm proud of everyone that was a part of it. alot more things are on the way. puss! puss!philly philly !

karin - strom - klaustrofobi - andy pry & dance's with white girl remix mp3
karin strom myspace
read this

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


sindress - beds are burning - electro mix - 4.7 out 5

we have fans all over the world but this is for the down under boys. i'm sure andy pry and dance's with white girl's is going to make this a les/williamsburg hit. from darkroom to fat baby people will be pumping there fists to this one. there is also alex milano mix that is more housey. this is soon to be a pub rock anthem. enjoy it.
sindress - beds are burning electro mix mp3
sindress myspace link


switch - brick and lace 3 - 4.8 out 5

new switch track! this is a banger! the vocals the drops switch really went all out on this one. just might be a little to short. or maybe not. you have to hear this.
switch - brick and lace 3 mp3

pic is by kelly turso her site is kelly turso blog link

Monday, April 16, 2007


!!! - must be the moon - hot chip remix - 4.7 out 5

i'm not the biggest chick! chick! chick! fan, but they do know how to rock a party and put on amazing show. hot chip totally reworks this track and brings the heat with it. builds up nice and then just breaks like a big wave. so be a surfer and ride with this one.
!!! - must be the moon - hot chip remix mp3


diddy ft k cole,game,young,big boi,rich boy - last night remix - 4.9 out 5

if the original wasn't enough diddy brings some of the worst rappers in the game and made them look good. sampling some of the best r n b songs from the 80's. game kill's the track"i'll show you how kobe look's from courtside". what a track for a grey monday.
diddy ft k cole,game,young,big boi,rich boy - last night remix mp3

Sunday, April 15, 2007


john dahlback - everywhere - 5 out 5 -

dahlback is at it again. track been out for a month now. but it needs it's own post. another pick you up track. vocals are so well placed. this is off the promo so i don't know if it's the official release. but a must have and buy for 2007. you want to show people you have this record in your collection in years to come.
john dahlback - everywhere mp3


Friday, April 13, 2007


calvin harris - the girls - groove armada remix - 4.5 out 5

first it was calvin doing the remix of groove armada now we are on the flipside.
song is getting dropped on radio 1 on all the shows. it could have been alittle better.
but it work's. there is a mickey slim remix also that i kinda like. but something for the weekend. let it start here.
calvin harris - the girls - groove armada remix mp3


sebastien leger - saturn - 4.8 out 5

i know everyone is in love with pluton which is solid. but saturn is amazing and almost flawless. leger has been on fire with the justin remix hit girl and t. so here is another one you need to know. go get this single or 12inch ain't sure. and drop it.
songs like this can make spring something to remember.
leger myspace link
sebastien leger - saturn mp3


arno cost vs robin s - arias vs show me love - axwell edit - 4.9 out 5

this was one of the first tracks i put up when we started this blog. first time i heard this edit was on axwell summadaze set. alot of other blog recently put it up recently and it should be heard. this time they add robin s - show me love on top of it. nice opener track. well here it is.
arno cost vs robin s - arias vs show me love mp3
would like to thank jbh for these tracks.


dave spoon ft lisa mafia - bad girl at night - 4.8 out 5

this is on the radio edit. this song is already getting alot of hype. this is a nice teaser to get you ready for the main dish. i'm sure it's going to get remixed by alot of big people. is this the new bodyrox. seems so.
dave spoon ft lisa mafia - bad girl at night mp3
lisa maffia myspace link

Thursday, April 12, 2007


zombie nation - peace & greed - yuksek remix - 4.9 out 5

this track is just straight fire from start to finish. yuksek is one of my favorite dude's from france. he's a little different and alot better then alot of thing's from there. a must have for 2007 maybe top 5 track so far. maybe. ha, also a headman remix of this track that is pretty off the hook also.
grab this now!!!
zombie nation - peace & greed - yuksek remix mp3
yuksek myspace link


therese - feeling me - digital dog mix - 4.5 out 5

first off head over to discobella for my mates andy pry and dance's with white girl's karin storm remix. time to shine!

now over to the big room, therese. is back with another monster. i can hear this being played along the ave in gothenburg. this is swedish dance music. bout 6 to 7 remix's of this going around. all pretty solid. spring is upon us. i hope it gets here. boo to the mets. go phils
therese - feeling me - digital dog mix mp3

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


midlake - roscoe - beyond the wizard remix - 4.7 out 5

erol is back with richard norris on this track. anothe nice chilled out track. i'm sure its going to start gettin heavy play in the next few weeks. i'm really feelin it on so many levels. i hope you all love me....going to watch the sixers
midlake - roscoe - beyond the wizard remix mp3
midlake myspace


david sense - my juice - 4.5 out 5

things are kinda slow today but going to get few tracks out there. this track i'm feeling. straight from norway, i don't know the town. big beat sound big beat feel.
sixers and phils are playing tonight. so enjoy this
david sense - my juice mp3
david sense myspace link

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


you can dl or view it here fader mag online



eric prydz pres pryda - shadows - claes rosen remix - 4.7 out 5

just can't get enough of the swedish mafia. this song was being dropped all over wmc. i like this remix alittle more then the og track. vocals are so on point. anyway united is up 5 to nil.

eric prydz pres pryda - shadows - claes rosen remix mp3

Monday, April 9, 2007


steve angello & laidback luke - be - 5 out 5

instant classic in so many ways. i don't care what you say i consider laidback luke part of the swedish house mafia. this track is more on that tribal tip. but when she hits those high notes it's magic. i don't know who does the vocals but i would like to.
man i don't know who i would dj the world's biggest party right now. so much good things. make's the day go by faster. well here it is enjoy.
steve angello myspace
laidback luke myspace
steve angello & laidback luke - be mp3
thanks to the uk for this one!!!


the rest yous know
philly graf


feist - my moon my man - boys noize remix - 4.7 out 5

i refell inlove with boys noize at wmc. he def took the fixed party by storm out shining the rest of the field. he know's how to work that mixer. i don't know how old or new this track is, but i'm feeling it. this isn't going to set any stage on fire but its a nice warm up track or end of the night track well enjoy.
feist - my moon my man - boys noize remix mp3
feist myspac link