Sunday, March 30, 2008


state property - oceans seven - 5 out 5

whoa! you know we were waiting on big house tracks, but this dropped! maybe one of the most long awaited hip hop tracks in a long time. maybe bigger then the jayz return. everyone on this track flows like they should. this is hip hop at it's best. philly is calling next again.
ps it's not were you come from it's how you leave it.
state property - ocean seven mp3
maybe they'll finally get me now???
good looking to xclusiveszone


alex gaudino ft shena - watch out - micky slim remix - 4.8 out 5

the master of the big room is back. this time doing his thing with alex gaudino. this track is getting tons of spins all over. alex you got another hit.
more miami talk - new axwell - you lose must have. and the radio slave - dub fire remix wow! night law is still the track of the week for me. i've heard so many good tracks this week. i miss you this year miami. hope that you missed me!
alex gaudino ft shena - watch out - micky slim remix mp3

Friday, March 28, 2008


booka & mandy vs horny - Mousse T bootleg

not much to say here except this getting dropped by everyone, 2 classic's getting re-worked!

booka & mandy vs horny - mousse t bootleg mp3

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


dances with white girls - east village radio stage - live mix

dwwg aka frog is a philly born and raised dj/producer living in bk doing his thing. his ep will be the first on the ratpure's throne of blood records. his sound of his tracks - well some of us are calling it the chinatown bus sound. sidenote - chinatown bus is the bus that takes your from philly's chinatown to manhattan's chinatown. it's 10 dollars and about 90 minutes long. so there is tons of travels up and down that nj turnpike. get into him and get into the our sound!

oscar g & ralph falcon- dark beat- acaplla dub
bart bmore-make some noise
kid dub- shake it blended with- public enemy- bring the nose acapella
santiago &bushido-head trick
the count of monte cristal-bmore forward
south rakkas- get mad again (fake blood remix)
joey beltram-menasm
maurice-this is acid
plastikman-spastik (dubfire rework)
monochrome- pearl (gabriel & dresden remix)
dances with white girls- took my love away
steve angello- acidmode
lcd sound system- get innoccous (Soulwax remix)
dances with white girls- girlsbug
pryda- pjannoo-
dances with white girls- girl you so right (Demo)
dance with white girls - east village radio early afternoon - is it spring yet mix mp3


fans of prydz need to watch this and glow. sweet genesis and towards then end drops Muranyi(best track ever mabye). the crowd just makes it that much better when you hear them cheer above the zelda-ish sample! more to come later!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


shameboy - heartcore - 5 out 5

sorta bummed out that i'm home for winter music this year, but like last year i will have hot stuff up all week. the only one i really wanted to see down there was prydz and arno cost. well this shameboy is a gem hands down. even the dim remix is off the hook! i wonder which one is going to be come the dj's favorite. who do you think drops the biggest bomb at wmc? i'm going pryda and i heard guetta new one but dont count out axwell or tong.
shameboy - heartcore mp3


estelle - america boy - soul seekerz club mix - 4.8 out 5

when it comes to pure dance tracks nobody really does it better then soul seekerz. they love to take a top 40 hit and flip into a floor filler. this is another artist i'm glad to see getting a push in the states. they cut the kanye but what can you. just keep on dancing!
estelle - america boy - soul seekerz club mix mp3

Thursday, March 20, 2008


brusca - perche - 4.7 out 5

don't let the score fool you, this is a winner. but its just missing that something to make you remember it forever. there is another mix of it but wasn't feeling that. this is one of the tracks if you are at a club/restaurant and they are switching it from dinner to late night phase, this will change the vibe and feel. picking everything up. sorta like when you drop that pill and you know in 30 mins something good is about to come. unless you got shitty pills.

brusca - perche mp3

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


matthew dekay - second life - tommy boy mix - 4.8 out 5

i love this track when it first came out. i think it got slept on alittle. when i saw new remixes of it i was stoked big time. both of them are pretty amazing. not much more to say except check this out and buy the other one when it drops.
matthew dekay - second life - tommy boy mix mp3

Sunday, March 16, 2008


john dahlback - blink - dons & dbn chainsaw edit - 4.9 out 5

d.on.s. does it again, i know we just posted the dim chris one, but with this being a older track and his lp about to drop anyday more press wouldn't hurt. i'm sure this is going to be dropped all over miami. i just don't know why it took so long for this track to catch on. when i first heard it a year ago it grab me and never let go. like i said go grab his lp at the record store or beatport, this dude is one of the best hands down.

john dahlback - blink - dons & dbn chainsaw edit mp3


robert babicz - don't look back - 4.8 out 5

selection sunday was today, philly got 3 teams into the ncaa big dance. super stoke for that. i hope ucla gets upset by a 16 seed. i wanted to put this up for about a week but been kinda busy. my mind is wandering like always. if you want to go on a journey this is a great track for you. it's a winner in so many ways. def being falling asleep to it late in the morning but would love to hear it in the club early. so yeah!
robert babicz - don't look back mp3

Thursday, March 13, 2008


i would love for diddy felix lupe and afew others make a super future rap record

1500 TOWER

chaim - moon - 4.8 out 5

another track that needs to get more play. been out for second but still fresh most people don't know about it. the b-side is great also, called wednesday june. i'm really liking titles with days in there name. anyone see that zoo brazil track around yet? championship week for college basketball here in the states. me still feeling weird like always. also we try to expose people to music they would usually listen to or buy, so if you like something please support the artist.
chaim - moon mp3

Monday, March 10, 2008


dirty south & paul harris ft rudy - better days - john dahlback remix - 5 out 5

yes! it's here. one of my favorite tracks from last year getting brought back in a big way. john is flooding the market right now. i mean why not his lp should be out anyday and wmc is right around the corner. wish he was djing there. i missed him in sweden a few years back by a day in stockholm.
this is going to be anthem and a half. man he def captures so moments with this one.
dirty south & paul harris ft rudy - better days - john dahlback remix mp3

Sunday, March 9, 2008


never will get old!


yoav - club thing - funkerman remix - 4.8 out 5

this track has anthem written all over it. great song great remix. funkerman is on his fucking grind lately, 3 mins to explain, speed up among others getting steady spins at the clubs. i love that dutch electro house so i will never get enough of it. i need more mason and funkerman tracks! mason were is your wmc bomb? love there music iffy on ther fashion!

yoav - club thing - funkerman remix mp3


luetzenkirchen - 3 tage wach - oliver koletzki remix - 4.8 out 5

man when i first saw this release i got super fucking stoke. like having your favorite lunch and follow by your favorite dinner. this song is really amazing really capturing the feel i hope this spring will have. nothing over powering, enjoying the moment but yet in motion. phila tonight barbary will be the jump off so get out to it!

luetzenkirchen - 3 tage wach - oliver koletzki remix mp3


our favorite swede karin strom is back with another hit! this song has been on repeat since it dropped! she is state side so looking forward to hanging with her asap!

Friday, March 7, 2008


pryda vs cosmos - take me my pjanno stutz booty - 4.8 out 5

pjanno is the hottest song in the world right now. i feel in love with it last april i believe. oh prydz how you make us wait sometimes. this is another web bootleg that i think will get picked up by alot of the big boys and girls.
pryda vs cosmos - take me my pjanno stutz booty mp3


angello & ingrosso & laidback luke - ahhhh - radio rip

i first heard this about 5 weeks ago on a dave spoon show, now it's starting to show up everywhere. i mean of course weeks away from wmc, but i hear this is just a teaser for monsters that will be dropped! you better get your bbc pool party tickets asap! last year was wild. this year the best in the game prydz with sam sparro live and angello vs tong!

anyone have any of those sam sparro's remixes?
angello & ingrosso & laidback luke ahhhh mp3

Monday, March 3, 2008


eric smax & thomas gold - house arrest - nvg believes in electro mix - 4.8 0ut 5

seasonal tracks are popping up everywhere. seasonal is the new term for banger! the time it takes for a track be a warm up track to being a late night bomb is about 3 months. seasons are 3 months so yeah whatever it works hah. eric and thomas are at it again. i'm loving the vocals soooo much not sure who did them yet but i'm sure we'll find out sooner then later. 3 other mixes of this track are out there go buy them as soon as they are released.

eric smax & thomas gold - house arrest - nvg believes in electro mix mp3


john dahlback - blink - dim chris remix - 4.8 out 5

this track is alittle older but one of my favorite all times tracks, well the og is. this remix is def great. johns lp should be released any day and i'm very excited for it. a must have for 2008 from just of the few tracks i've heard off it. philly how amazing is the weather today!

john dahlback - blink - dim chris remix mp3


the philadelphinz dudes made us a mix last month but we had tech problems, we went back online this weekend but i didnt want to throw it not get that many views caused of the weekend. so spring is in the air for sure. bump this everywhere you go. from i-pods dudes on track bikes to stick up kids in slow riding rim out black on black whips!

Upstairs Downstairs: A Mix for Bushy by Philadelphyinz (Apt One and Skinny Friedman)

Jimmy Ross- First True Love Affair
Giggles- He Said She Said (Bonus Beats)
Bobby LaBeat- Partay People
Les Rhythmes Digitales- Dreamin
Interlude - West Philly is Fucked Up
Time- Shaker Shake
Armand Van Helden- I Want Your Soul
Wiz Khalifa- Youngin On His Grind (Relative Q Remix)
DJ Apt One- Mickey Dreidels in Rome
Fast Eddie vs. The Flirts - Funky Danger

DOWNSTAIRS by Skinny Friedman
Project Pat - North Memphis
DJ Omega - Can't Hold Back
Dudenem - Watch My Feet remix f/ Twista
Trick Daddy - Nann (Ghost on Tape remix)
Starski and Clutch - East to West
Professor Murder - Free Stress Test (Caps and Jones remix)
Kid Sister - Switchboard
Outkast - B.O.B. (Skinny's Juke blend)
Skinny Friedman - Wallawallabingbang
Crime Mob - Stilletos (Skinny's Scrap Yard Juke remix)\

add em or booked em - philadelphyinz myspace link

the link
riding rim out black on black whips!

Upstairs Downstairs: A Mix for Bushy by Philadelphyinz (Apt One and Skinny Friedman)