Thursday, May 31, 2007


bob sinclar ft big ali - ultimate funk - tocadisco bootleg mix - 4.6 out 5

not sure if anyone another blogs threw this up yet. this song is just feel good music. a good beach party track. i really like tocadisco track selection on what he remixes. song been out for a second but i like this mix of it.

bob sinclar ft big ali - ultimate funk - tocadisco bootleg mix mp3


tonight is my best friend andy andrew pry bday party in nyc with other good people brendon james & brittuny collete also celebrating.
there will be all kinds of drink specials to get you threw the night.
there will be some special guest you don't want to miss. you will also get a good 3 hours of music from 2 of the biggest up and coming dj's/producers in the scene.
jason trojanowski website

check out jason's other work. kid has skills

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


supposedly the album leaked which is probably good news for rappers these days because at least it probably means you arent getting your release date pushed back any more. the leak i snatched seems 4 songs light compared to the tracklists i've seen though, so we'll see if i'm missing parts.

in the meantime, the songs i do have sound good. the production on the first 3 songs is nice. the ne-yo song is whatever. i dont like it but it gets spins on the radio so hopefully for fab that translates into people copping the album in june. the song with tpain was almost unbearable. easily the worst of the fake rapper RNB dudes infesting the radio these days. actually him and lloyd might have to fight to the death for that title belt.

i dont know where swizz beats gets off taking a wu tang line in not one (his own hit song), but TWO songs that are gonna be out around the same time ("Return of the Hustle" is supposed to be the 2nd video off this album, after the ne-yo song). ugh, at least just blaze produced it but swizz beats talking will ruin almost any song for me.

ah a song with junior reid... just what this album was missing.... Jamaican gibberish. SMH. song is alright other than that.

oh god. contest is over, lloyd sucks way more than tpain nevermind. this song is horrible. really could've done without that.

i bet this song with rihanna is the next single unless they decide to release the song with hova. total girl rap for the radio. reminds me of basically every song on street dreams. rap songs about falling in love and shit.... weird.

i still think diamonds is a banger even like 3 months later but i wish he kept weezy's verse on it.

brooklyn, you already know about that song i posted it last week. if hes smart he'd release that as a single and try to ride hova's coattails to more spins.

im the man... the beat is pretty cool and fab has some cute lines but nothin special and the hook is so dumb.

oof. so far pusha t has the best verse on this whole album. not a good sign fabo. i could probably do without the "ha ha ha ha ha" part too. holy shit theres an andrew dice clay reference on this song. this is the best song on the album so far just cuz of that pusha t verse.

what should i do... damn this song is on some mood muzik 2 shit, real talk. im feelin this.

last song... this is family... this goes so hard. i wish the whole damn album had production as gritty as this. sounds like some shit DMX would've been yelling and barking over in 99. i dont know who freck billionaire is but i kinda DOUBT he has a Lambo.... nice friday reference though. budden kills it. of course. holy shit i think he just said letting off "virginia techs"


fab hasnt even rapped yet and this is the best song on the album.

on the whole, id a decent album. i was hoping for less rnb and more rap but that shit sells so whatever. its like a 3.2 out of 5. not terrible but ill play it again for awhile. damn. that last song just made me want mood muzik 3 about 100000x more.

Fabolous - This Is Family (featuring Joe Budden, Ransom, Freck Billionaire, Red Cafe and Paul Cain)... what, no Stack Bundles?


pryda - genesis - 4.9 out 5

another track i been waiting to get my hands on. this dude is unstoppable right now. i mean between him and dahlback (john) i don't know who puts out more tracks. but please don't slow down. if you do the swedish economy could crash. deep epic track that moves like a well built roller coaster. sweden you do need to get your roller coaster game up!
pryda - genesis mp3


louisahhhhhhh - the universe - megamix

many of you know of this bright star from nyc. she's been out in la for alittle over a year now and ready to make moves. this is live and unedited. how we like it around here. well get to know her. she is that good, btw way she will be home in nyc in june check her page to see when and where she is spinning. ps we la we have a receipt and one day will want our gift back.

1 switch - brick n' lace 3
2 mystery jets - diamonds in the dark ver3.0 (la riots remix)
3 sinema - confusion (extended and dirty remix)
4 sneaky sound system - pictures (tonight only remix)
5time deluxe ft audio bullies - let the beats roll
6 ida corr - let me think about it
7 chemical brothers - do it again (extended mix)
8 nine inch nails - capital g (phones 666 rpm remix)
9 yelle - calle de garcons (sta remix)
10 dragonette - i get around (midnight juggernaut remix)
11 treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor
12 walter meego - through a keyhole (solid grove and sinden mix)
13 cajuan - dance / not dance (digitalism unreleased rmx)
14 (emo thug 2) spektrum vs. unk - new 2 step (dj morsy rmx)
15 simian mobile disco - it's the beat
16 erick e - beat is rockin
17 magik johnson - i give up (magik's 07 mix)

louisahhhhhhh - the universe - megamix mp3


three songs from the carter 3 leaked.

so far it goes like this:

La La La - 2.8 out of 5 - jay-z already has a song called this... get off his dick, first of all. second of all, stop all the slow rapping and bullshit. weezy goes so hard on the mixtapes and raps crazy fast (not novelty fast like twista) and then we get this? uhhhh

Diamonds and Girls - 3 out of 5 - i really struggle to give this any more than the other song. neither of them did much in the way of impressing me. at least he raps fast on the 2nd or 3rd verse in this song than he did on la la la or the beginning of this song. still... zzzzzzzz for sure.

I Feel Like Dying - 3.5 out of 5 - this is the best one cuz of the beat and sample. but weezy is rapping so slow he might as well be talking. i dont know what the fuck is going on with any of these songs but i kinda hope none of them actually MAKE the carter 3.

the final consensus here is GET OFF THE DRUGS, WEEZY

shoutouts to cf user fuckforever for doing the legwork and putting these up for me.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


hexane chicane - flake out - 4.8 out 5

another person to watch in 2007. not to brag but we told you bout sta, andy pry and dances with white girls among others. this deep space track is so very pretty and will be in your top 25 songs played in a few hours. i kinda wish the vocals were alittle louder at the end. did anyone catch them?
hexane chicane myspace link
hexane chicane - flake out mp3


kylie - stars - 4.7 out 5

more and more of this record is leaking. some people are claiming to have 40 demo takes. i'm a very big kylie fan and excited for the official release of x. this track has that french sound that i love. very likelife,menace etc. the vocal even remind me alittle of stevie nicks. this record has alot of hype and i believe it will live up to it.
kylie - stars mp3


escort - all through the night - the rapture hush hush remix - 4.8 out 5

i like this little circle going on here. tracey thorn,the rapture,ewan pearson and now escort. try to connect them to each other it's fun. not only fun, but alot of good music coming from these camps. i would like to see the rapture and escort do more together. zena's vocals has alot of soul in them. i can see this single getting big in europe/asia/south america. but sad in the states alot of this stuff stays under the radar. this could sell some i-pods. also check out escort remix of tracey's thorn of it's all true. if your going to drop some e-bombs i suggest alot of ewan pearson. alot of things are coming from the rapture camp so stay tune!
escort - all through the night - the rapture hush hush remix mp3
escort myspace link


Monday, May 28, 2007



super mal ft luciana - bigger the big - original vocal mix - 4.8 out 5

i know i always say i've been waiting for something. but honestly this track for so long. the original is very good, the vocals maybe the best this year, but i'm still looking for the lifelike remix of it. ok luciana she has to make it in the states. bodyrox she shouted and did her sorta rap thing, this time sounds very 80's punk rock feel. with those whoaaaaaa's all over the place. people need to keep there eye on super mal. it could be a good year for them. luciana needs to do a track with diddy.
super mal ft luciana bigger the big mp3
luciana myspace link
super mal myspace link


robbie rivera - take on this - 4.5 out 5

robbie rivera's take on aha - take on me. i thought it would be alot more cheesier then it is. it pretty much only samples the part we all love. i'm sure it will become a big room anthem. but robbie i want something bigger and better. i want the hustling of house music from you this summer!
robbie rivera - take on this mp3


digitalism - pogo - shinichi osawa remix - 4.6 out 5

good news and bad news. bad new, by now everyone heard the soulwax edit isn't going down. let's hope it leaks anyway. but i hear they are still going to do another track off the best album of the year so far. well top 3. good news 2 new remixes dropped, this one and punks jump. but pretty solid but neither blew me away. i still love this song and video is amazing. well enjoy it!
looking for - eyerer & chopstick ft zdar if anyone has it thanks
digitalism - pogo - shinichi osawa remix mp3

Sunday, May 27, 2007


kanye west - over young folk -

this mix tape is pretty good. starts off with daft punk intro. he gets his indie thing on this. check it out ! trying to get his views out there
kanye west - young folks


eyerer & namito - quipa - 4.8 out 5

almost dawn here. was a pretty amazing night weather wise. almost to perfect for this track. i'm a big eyerer fan and this track only makes him love him more. this dude is all about moments. god i want to be in europe on train going somewhere.
eyerer & namito - quipa mp3
namito myspace link


studio - west side - brennan green remix - 4.8 out 5

what a chill track. west coast of sweden is pretty laidback, and you can tell that in alot of it's music. this is very mid summer. i wish i was there for that, a good time to be had. i don't want to call them a jam band or anything but sorta has that feel. i bet ian brown would like this band.

studio - west side - brennan green remix mp3
studio myspace link

Saturday, May 26, 2007


noir - all about house music - peter gelderblom remix - 5 out 5

about fucking time! listen to his lyrics(except i love pop music). this track is so on point. has a good chicago/detroit feel to it. old chicago/detroit! another summer anthem.
noir - myspace link
noir - all about house music - peter gelderblom remix mp3



madonna - hey you - 5 out 5

wow! this was a shock. a very pretty song. on a very pretty morning. i'm sure alot of you know i'm on my dooms day kick. i feel the world is out to get me. i'm sure it is. but for a second it took me somewhere, where i wanted to be! enjoy. i'm sure this is a set up.
madonna - hey you mp3

Friday, May 25, 2007


soldout meets larry lay - feel me again - outwork remix - 4.5 out 5

if you love outwork raise your hand! mine are in the air. another solid remix by outwork. i don't think this will be filling any discotech's dance floors anytime soon. but this is mall music/shopping music. upbeat happy good soulful lyrics to get you in the mood to shop till you drop. or at least not give you that guilty feeling of spending to much. a nice track to start the night off to.
soldout meets larry lay - feel me again - outwork remix mp3
outwork myspace link

ps also looking for some other writers. and designers
message me on myspace link





laidback luke - start me up - 4.7 out 5

big holiday weekend this weekend here in the states. alot of people are heading down there to get some sun and swim in the surf. at night the boardwalk will be filled with hopes of winning stuff animals and ipod mini's. or if you dare ride some of the amazing amusement rides the piers have to offer. ok now to this track, the offical cousin or step brother to the swedish house mafia double l is back with start me up. and yes it's up there with hot hot hotter and get dumb. have a safe holiday this weekend!
laidback luke - start me up mp3


ame - enoi - 4.6 out 5

with rej being one of the biggest tracks of last year if not ever, everything you do afterwards will be compared to that. i mean rej just give you that moment! this track doesn't have that moment but builds nice real nice. i really want to hear this on big system! it was mad for that. the remixes will be sweet? what are you doing for the holidays?
ame - enoi mp3



Thursday, May 24, 2007


And it starts with this.

Bout time a hot RAP song dropped this summer. Everything this summer has been about R'N'B but hopefully thats about to come to a close with Fab's album. I hate Uncle Murda and I think his verse is a zzzzzzzzz but the rest of this is hot and will probably be coming out of every car on every 90 degree day this summer.

Fabolous album supposedly drops June 12th and now that 4 of the songs have hit the internet, I'd say its safe to assume it might actually come out on that date! What a concept!

Fabolous - Brooklyn (featuring Jay-Z and Uncle Murda)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


lesley gore - you don't own me - 5 out 5

summers in phily are pretty amazing, alot of trips to the shore(nj beaches)the mountains if your staying local. 4th of july is big here, we do it right for 10 days. the big night this year is hall & oates and chaka khan, pretty amazing! summer time also means oldies time! most people don't know that american bandstand aired from philly. me and a friend have alove for lesly gore, her lyrics are so on point and so ahead of her time. a diva for sure! as diddy says press play!
lesley gore - you don't own me mp3


prax paris - running up a hill - 5 out 5

why isn't there hype on this track. i'm starting it, right here and right now. summer sing along right here. i don't know why there is a dub. i want to know more about prax paris. has a early knife feel to it sorta. i think i'm good at gaging tracks and this one has it. i think i'm liking royal flush records! kate bush covers!
prax paris - running up a hill mp3


martin solveig - rejection - ms club edit - 5 out 5

yes yes yes! another top ten track of 2007. talk about a another hard choice. remixes by bob sinclar,ian carey,erick e,trickski,stylophinic and ex echo already out. i went with the club edit. but every remix will move any floor. ok for real if you are a dj and you drop this and nobody dance's i think it's ok to pull down you pants and start pissing on the crowd. i think aleast one person from each eu country should remix it. that sounds fun
martin solveig - rejection - ms club edit mp3
martin solveig myspace


top of the pop 3 mp3

i'm sure this mix will be on all the big blogs, i enjoy there sets. always good track selection. hope they get some more remixes out soon.
audioporno myspace link
yuhzimi myspace link

Kelly Charles-You’re No Good For Me
Falco-Der Komissar (Bingoboys Remix 1991)
Audioporno-Voulez Vous
Klymaxx-Ladies Room (Woodhead and Hebegebe Edit)
The Glamour-Kidz Night
Diplo-Young Folks Pussy
Purple Crush-Hypebeast
Basement Jaxx feat. Roxanne Shanté-Make Me Sweat
Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar-Work It Out
Filewile feat. RQM-Damn (Round Table Knights Remix)
Chemical Brothers-Get Yourself High (Switches rely on)
Poney Poney-Junior (Audioporno Remix)
CSS -Death From Above (SMD Remix)
Chromeo-Fancy Footwork (Guns’n’Bombs Remix)
Goose-Low Mode (Surkin Remix)
Scissor Sisters-She’s My Man (Goose Remix)


dubfire - roadkill - 4.7 out 5

this isn't the version i wanted to put up. i'm looking for the Cedric Gervais remix/edit. but this track is banging. you should already know bout dubfire, this track is going to be another summer sizzler! deep late night tracks or early morning!
dubfire - roadkill mp3

ok a few things - please add the rapture's new label thron of blood records myspace page

and tonight dave p of making time/fixxed/click will be on tim sweeney internet radio show tonight around 10:30 est beats in space homepage


dada life - vote yes! - 4.7 out 5

another solid track from the swede's in dada life. even tho there tracks are really good alone i get excited for the remixes. i wonder who will touch this one this time around. they give them alot to work with on this one.
dada life myspace

Monday, May 21, 2007


julian jeweil - air conditionne - 5 out 5

i know i use alot of the same words over and over, but whatever it's cool. i was never a english major. i've been looking for a high quality mp3 of this track. little did i know that i had it all along. i slept on this for sure. to me it has that pete heller's simpler feel you know. it's a moment track but not, it's a sorta like the soundtrack to walking somewhere. to be at peace with everything but yet excited at the same time. something i need and want in my life. i don't know where i'm going with this. just a track that makes things a little easier in life. i guess.
julian jeweil - air conditionne mp3
julian jeweil myspace link


didlier sinclair ft lidy v - feel the wave - ali payami remix - 4.7 out 5

here is another summer time anthem. already getting played in alot of european markets and in the set of alot of big time djs. the only question is how many more remixes will come out and if the indie dance scene will pick this one up. i think it will. this remix is by one of my favorite swedes ali payami. so get to know this one!
didlier sinclair ft lidy v - feel the wave - ali payami remix mp3
didlier sinclair myspace


matthew adams - no more, anymore - 4.7 out 5

i wish america had a better cheap train system. the northeast of the state's isn't that bad, ny, philly,dc,bmore,boston. but any other parts you're not getting that far. my point, this is train music, sit back and look out your window and just chill. maybe pop a xanax and have glass of wine. just capture the moment. this song does that. it's just there and there is good. check out his other tracks also.

mattew adams myspace link

Sunday, May 20, 2007


roisin murphy - overpowered - kris menace remix - 4.8 out 5

yes! i've been really waiting on this remix. i didn't know it would be this big. right off the bat herve,loose cannons,seamus haji along with the kris menace. i'm really excited for this record. she is suppose to even cover josh wink's higher state on it, and if that not is enough another track with cathy dennis & calvin harris. another uk artist being played on grey's anatomy. that show breaks more artist then the major labels. anyway a perfect song for a pretty dance. i wish i was eating brunch.
roisin murphy - overpowered - kris menace remix
roisin murphy myspace link

Saturday, May 19, 2007


cryptonites - hands of god - 4.8 out 5

i really like these 2 dudes remo & lukas that form the cryptonites. they have a city rocker's feel to it. which is probably the record label that set it off to alot of people making music right now. anyone that is a fan of riot society's - understand me needs to check this out. i think everyone should check it out. also hit up there myspace to hear some of there remixes.
cryptonites - hands of god mp3
cryptonites myspace link

Friday, May 18, 2007


demon - happy therapy - lifelike remix - 4.9 out 5

been waiting on this! the vocals i love on this track! all 3 remixes are bangers. this is a track you feel. either in the club or in your bedroom(or sisters couch which i am living right now). i got alot f tracks i'm trying to get out for the weekend.
ps i'm looking for a high quality mp3 of you are my high
demon - happy therapy - lifelike remix mp3
demom musik mp3


rihanna ft jayz - umbrella - jody den broeder destruction remix - 4.5 out 5

when i saw all the remixes and who did them i was kinda excied. i love big cheesy house dance tracks. none of them are bad but none of them really stand out. don't get me wrong they are all h&m friendly and will be played threw out malls world wide. maybe the the free mason's will come along or maybe stonebridge.
rihanna ft jayz - umbrella - jody den broeder destruction remix mp3
jody den broeder myspace



joe t vannelli - prelude - 5 out 5

italy is starting to pump out hit's left and right. this track is worth the whole ten minutes that it is. i kinda wish it was alittle longer. no major break but moments for sure. already a few remixes out there. all of them are ok but still something more could be done with it. this is going to be a major set up track. maybe epic track of the year. you tell me.
joe t vannelii myspace link
joe t vannelli - prelude mp3

Thursday, May 17, 2007


bruce banner - space shift - sebastien leger 8 mins of new disco remix - 4.6 out 5

this track is listed on bruce banner myspace as unreleased. i wonder why, nothing ground breaking but def a good solid 8 mins here. this is a good warm up track. and i love s leger so if youre bored check this one out.
bruce banner - space shift - sebastien leger 8 mins of new disco remix
bruno banner myspace link


air france - never content - 4.8 out 5

one thing about sweden that i think is true is stockholm has the dj's and gothenburg has the bands. i'm not forgetting malmo but out of the 2 big cities i think its a good statement. i wonder why it took me so long to find out bout this band. the ep hasn't stop playing all week long. i want more songs from them. this is summer time music. beach music, island music.
air france - never content mp3
air france myspace link


the wombats - back fire at the disco - kgb remix 4.6 out 5

the wombats are one of the those bands you listen to and say not bad, but afew days later notice you are singing along with them in your head. the new single kill the director is getting alot of love by zane lowe. it's def a good dance track that kids will be jumping up and down to. back fire at the disco is a fun track that kgb put his touch on it. nothing ground breaking but like i said these guys are fun.
wombats - back fire at the disco - kgb remix mp3
wombat myspace link


shapeshifters - pusher - lifelike remix 4.7 out 5

the shapeshifters are back and ready to attack! pusher the new single is a floor filler and already remixed by pretty much everyone hot! i went with the lifelike remix cause i'm feeling it the most out of all of them. but don't get me wrong they are all bangers! this is another staple in a dj set for this summer! get to know it!

shapeshifters - pusher - lifelike remix mp3
shapeshifters myspace link


the twang - either way - streets remix - 4.9 out 5

this is a radio rip. sorry, but i had to get it up. the twang by far is my favorite band the last 6 months. wide awake might be single of the year. wish i was in preston this weekend to party it up! mike skinner i love and dis - love him. but he came threw on this one. this band needs more remixes and more songs.
the twang - either way - streets remix mp3


dms12 - electro house - robbie rivera tribal session mix 4.7 out 5

more love from miami remixed by miami. but sorry miami everyone is in ibiza for the opening of the season. and that's were this track is going to blow up! i'm sure alot more people will be fucking with it. hop on this track now! you know where you hear it first!
dms 12 - electro house - robbie rivera tribal session mix mp3

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


chemicals bothers - do it again - elektric cowboy remix 4.8 out 5

whoa! he took a really good track and upped the ante on it. you can throw this remix into a set at anytime and you will get raised fist and drunken sing alongs. this dude also has a blog with afew other edit's and remixes that you check out!
elektric cowboy myspace

elektric cowboy blog link
elektric cowboy - do it again - elektric cowboy remix mp3
ps his audio bullys edit is fire!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


paul hartnoll ft robert smith - please - kgb remix 4.7 out 5

this song starts off alittle slow, but cure fans are use to that. very post techno moby. half way threw this song strats to picks up. this is xtc music in a very good way. this is my favorite song robert smith has done in year. let me know what you think.
paul hartnoll ft robert smith - please - kgb remix mp3


This song is by no means new to me but I felt like putting it up because I feel like I heard it forever ago and months (maybe over a year) later I still didn't have an mp3 copy of this track, let alone this album.

For anyone that doesn't know, Omillio Sparks of State Property has a solo LP coming out, supposedly. Like I said, I heard the streaming stuff thats up on his website months ago but no progress has been made on even finding a release date for this jawn. Last I read Jay-Z shut it down on a sample Sparks wanted to use for the lead single and that was delaying the whole thing. Who knows. Its just another rap album delay headache as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, I have no idea who produced this song or if its ever gonna come out on wax but this is a banger at any rate so peep it. Hopefully we get a Sparks LP or a State Prop reunion sometime before 2012. But I kinda doubt I am ever gonna get an LP by anyone I really like in this century that isn't Nas or Hov.

Omillio Sparks - This Is The Life


siobhan donaghy - don't give it up - carl craig remix - 4.8 out 5

cause every track can't get a 5. this ex sugar babe is on her way to stardom. well let's hope. the first few thing's she put out a few years ago was ok, but i think everyone wanted sugar babes sounding british pop. why not to this day i love the sugarbabes. but what we got here on this new record is a very mature sounding and a well written record.(i wish i could write that well).anyway, alot of tracks on the record stand out. my favorite is ghosts. well carl craig took the first single i think or the second and put his touch on it. pretty well done!
siobhan donaghy - don't give it up - carl craig rmx mp3
siobhan donaghy myspace link

Monday, May 14, 2007


just jack - writers block - seamus haji remix - 4.8 out 5

we love the big room, we love epic big room. i love just jack i think he could break in the state's if they market him right. but we all know that's not going to happen. unless they hire me and my people. seamus haji's goes all out. love him or hate him he is one of the best in the biz! there is also a thomas gold remix and i think a remix by philly's own plastic little. another floor filler hands up track!
just jack - writers block - seamus haji remix mp3
just jack myspace mp3


booka shade - platypus - 5 out 5

i still haven't seen them live in person yet. but i know there sets like the back of my hand. if karma and tickle weren't good enough. after listen to platypus you will see they were just teasers. people are hyped for alot of records this year. i heard most of them. this is the one that i am counting the days for. enjoy it. and turn it up loud!
booka shade - platypus mp3