Friday, May 18, 2007


joe t vannelli - prelude - 5 out 5

italy is starting to pump out hit's left and right. this track is worth the whole ten minutes that it is. i kinda wish it was alittle longer. no major break but moments for sure. already a few remixes out there. all of them are ok but still something more could be done with it. this is going to be a major set up track. maybe epic track of the year. you tell me.
joe t vannelii myspace link
joe t vannelli - prelude mp3


Anonymous said...

Alright m8. Here's the Optical Funk Remix vs Larry Powers Dead Or Alive Dub. Yep thats Bon Jovi in there lol ;) Enjoy!

Bushy said...

rich watt
thanks alot
yeah i was hoping people notice!