Monday, May 21, 2007


julian jeweil - air conditionne - 5 out 5

i know i use alot of the same words over and over, but whatever it's cool. i was never a english major. i've been looking for a high quality mp3 of this track. little did i know that i had it all along. i slept on this for sure. to me it has that pete heller's simpler feel you know. it's a moment track but not, it's a sorta like the soundtrack to walking somewhere. to be at peace with everything but yet excited at the same time. something i need and want in my life. i don't know where i'm going with this. just a track that makes things a little easier in life. i guess.
julian jeweil - air conditionne mp3
julian jeweil myspace link


donnie said...

Great track. I picked this up on beatport a couple of months back in it's been in steady rotation. Very pretty, but still heavy on the bloops and bleeps, plus it's got a really nice building chord progression. Here's another great track in a similar vein:

Bushy said...

donnie nice track!
thank i'm feeling this
when are you giving us a mix for the blog???

donnie said...

I just put together a mix last weekend - it's not flawless, but I'll put it out there tonight and message ya ;)

Thanks brotha!