Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Jim Jones was supposed to air it out on his beef with came tonight on the Drama hour.

Surprise Surprise it didnt happen. Instead Duke Da God and the rest of Dipset JV are gonna hit up Flex tomorrow night to promote More than Music 2. Publicity stunt? Yeah I think so. Consider that Capo said he hadnt spoken to Cam in a year... okay player, I guess they shot the Ballin video in like June of 05 then? Gimme a break. Its not even like being on a track with a dude. You can do that and never see his face. You in the video with him, standing next to him, yeah I think that probably qualifies as seeing him. Anyway, I dont believe this BS for 1 second. Its all a publicity stunt for More than Music 2 that wont work because its a stupid idea and because More than Music 2 sucks. So there you have that. I guess we'll find out what the deal is whenever Jim gets his own date with Flex (no homo) and airs it out but right now he wants to let Dipset JV shine on this album... hold on while I roll my eyes.

Heres one of the 3 good tracks off an 18 track album, More than Music 2: Its Dipset JV Season

The Diplomats - Dipset City (featuring Juelz Santana, 40 Cal, Hell Rell, Jim Jones and JR Writer


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