Wednesday, May 30, 2007


supposedly the album leaked which is probably good news for rappers these days because at least it probably means you arent getting your release date pushed back any more. the leak i snatched seems 4 songs light compared to the tracklists i've seen though, so we'll see if i'm missing parts.

in the meantime, the songs i do have sound good. the production on the first 3 songs is nice. the ne-yo song is whatever. i dont like it but it gets spins on the radio so hopefully for fab that translates into people copping the album in june. the song with tpain was almost unbearable. easily the worst of the fake rapper RNB dudes infesting the radio these days. actually him and lloyd might have to fight to the death for that title belt.

i dont know where swizz beats gets off taking a wu tang line in not one (his own hit song), but TWO songs that are gonna be out around the same time ("Return of the Hustle" is supposed to be the 2nd video off this album, after the ne-yo song). ugh, at least just blaze produced it but swizz beats talking will ruin almost any song for me.

ah a song with junior reid... just what this album was missing.... Jamaican gibberish. SMH. song is alright other than that.

oh god. contest is over, lloyd sucks way more than tpain nevermind. this song is horrible. really could've done without that.

i bet this song with rihanna is the next single unless they decide to release the song with hova. total girl rap for the radio. reminds me of basically every song on street dreams. rap songs about falling in love and shit.... weird.

i still think diamonds is a banger even like 3 months later but i wish he kept weezy's verse on it.

brooklyn, you already know about that song i posted it last week. if hes smart he'd release that as a single and try to ride hova's coattails to more spins.

im the man... the beat is pretty cool and fab has some cute lines but nothin special and the hook is so dumb.

oof. so far pusha t has the best verse on this whole album. not a good sign fabo. i could probably do without the "ha ha ha ha ha" part too. holy shit theres an andrew dice clay reference on this song. this is the best song on the album so far just cuz of that pusha t verse.

what should i do... damn this song is on some mood muzik 2 shit, real talk. im feelin this.

last song... this is family... this goes so hard. i wish the whole damn album had production as gritty as this. sounds like some shit DMX would've been yelling and barking over in 99. i dont know who freck billionaire is but i kinda DOUBT he has a Lambo.... nice friday reference though. budden kills it. of course. holy shit i think he just said letting off "virginia techs"


fab hasnt even rapped yet and this is the best song on the album.

on the whole, id a decent album. i was hoping for less rnb and more rap but that shit sells so whatever. its like a 3.2 out of 5. not terrible but ill play it again for awhile. damn. that last song just made me want mood muzik 3 about 100000x more.

Fabolous - This Is Family (featuring Joe Budden, Ransom, Freck Billionaire, Red Cafe and Paul Cain)... what, no Stack Bundles?

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