Monday, May 28, 2007


super mal ft luciana - bigger the big - original vocal mix - 4.8 out 5

i know i always say i've been waiting for something. but honestly this track for so long. the original is very good, the vocals maybe the best this year, but i'm still looking for the lifelike remix of it. ok luciana she has to make it in the states. bodyrox she shouted and did her sorta rap thing, this time sounds very 80's punk rock feel. with those whoaaaaaa's all over the place. people need to keep there eye on super mal. it could be a good year for them. luciana needs to do a track with diddy.
super mal ft luciana bigger the big mp3
luciana myspace link
super mal myspace link


Charlie B said...

Lifelike Remix
oooh yeah.

Peace, from Musicforkittens

Bushy said...

love you guys!

Bushy said...

check it out