Friday, January 25, 2008


kylie - in my arms - sebastien leger remix - 4.7 out 5

still no mylo. but how long until some mash's this up with mylo's in my arms? i'm sure some edit's are already floating around on the net. the 3rd single off the latest album also has remixes by chrs lake and spitzer. i really like the spitzer one but kids by colette already put it up. but after afew listen's this hands down the one i want to hear in a club during peak hours. classic leger!
kylie - in my arms - sebastien leger remix mp3


Anonymous said...

heavy houseblog, "PIANO ID" by prydz is up.

gregdona said...

Mike Ford commenting all up on my blog but not saying anything about the connection? Come on, man. You know better than that!

city of brotherly love said...

honestly i have no clue
please explain