Monday, January 14, 2008


adam sparkles january 2008 mix -

sorry for the delay of things lately. but this is well worth it. we do it big here in philly. how amazing are the wmc parties starting to look. are you going this year?

adam sparkles is one of my favorite djs hands down. i really enjoy his track selection and is pretty flawless on the the tables. him and dave p have been dropping edits/remixes for some of the big boys bloc party/smd/120 days among others. stop by to adams myspace page and say hi.

spacemen 3 - ecstasy
jackie o motherfucker - valley of fire
fleet foxes - white winter hymnal
chin chin - toot de'amore [prins thomas bonus mix]
psychic ills - untitled
black dice - endless happiness
faust - its a rainy day, sunshine girl
lovefingers - kentucky
my bloody valentine - touch
time machine
jackson jones - i feel good put your pants on [pilooski edit]
m83 - church [loop]
olivia tremor control - i have been floated
pink mountaintops - i [fuck] mountains
deerhunter - white ink
midlake - roscoe [beyond the wizards sleeve remix]
os mutantes - bat macumba [loop]
grizzly bear - lallabye
blonde redhead - u.f.o. [loop]
harmonia - ohrwurm
keith hudson - still need you dub
fujiya and miyagi - one trick pony
mmm - donna
wooden ships - we ask you to ride
icy demons - 1850
panico - gudalupe [optimo remix]

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