Monday, January 21, 2008

OH SIX 42 a.m.

goldfrapp - A&E - gui boratto remix - 5 out 5

what a weekend, we now know who will be playing the superbowl and we for the people that saw cloverfield you now know what the monster looks like. but going in to it i knew i would have more question about it then before i saw it. my sister might take her computer soon so there might be some delays sucks cause we have alot of tracks to get out there. i feel something bad is on the horizon like always. wasn't today soppose to be blue monday? also 59 days til spring. here is another track we had for awhile but seem to leak. so we will get it out there. two of my favorites team up on this one. with kylie sounding alot like goldfrapp lately she step the game up with this single. very dreamy. and we like dreams, cause over here we don't have much more then that. sorry to be all live journal on you. so enjoy this.

goldfrapp - a&e - gui boratto rmx mp3

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thanks again been after this one for a minute