Wednesday, January 23, 2008


flo rida - get low - benja styles la la land - radio edit -

future rap? well it's term we been using for few years between alot of my friends. first of all hip hop is probably my favorite type of music. but i really don't mess with modern southern hip hop and stuff like that. i like rappers that can't flow and rhyme and for the most part have something to say.
sorry for being alittle serious. so back to future rap, it's just beats that are more housey/electro/and at times trance keys.

benja style's is that dude. the little i know about djing comes from this man. he is one of the best hip hop dj's in the world. i would put him up against anyone. this edit is getting mad love on radio and in the clubs along the east coast. let's make it world wide
flo rida - get low -benja styles la la land - radio edit mp3
benja styles myspace link

missy elliott - ching-a-ling remix ft jay z -

i respect missy so much for so many reasons. always ground breaking always on time. she always keeping things fresh. this track came out last week alittle late getting up but i wanted to make a mega post for hip-hop. hovi def kills the track.
missy elliot - ching-a-ling remix ft jayz mp3

kanye west - flashing lights - remix ft r kelly -

love him or hate him he's is great at what he does. makes people dance and people still go out and buy his cd's. two of chicago finest artist team up for this future rap anthem. also kanye has his hands eveywhere and hip to almost all things going down. i'm sure a-trak helps with that. how long until he is on a sindin or herve track? this is a straight club banger!
kanye west - flashing lights - remix ft r kelly mp3

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