Monday, July 9, 2007


olav basoski - push me - 4.9 out 5

whoa what a track! not really shocked tho andy pry tipped me on it last week. i'm a sucker for jay z samples and even tho they are shitty most the time olav pulled it off for sure. nice big beats all over the place, making a run for late summer anthem.
olav basoski - push me - mp3


Mog said...

Dude! I've been on vacation for like two weeks without an internet connection, and I'm now just starting to tast what you've posted in all this time.
This just set me off for the nite! Thank you so much!

Billy said...

Big up to the one like Bushy.

Basoski is the man; check his label Rootz, especially the Nu Generation Old Skool Muggaz 2 12" that came out a month or two ago. There's a tune on there by Remaniax called "Pimpin'" that is bananas. Here's a sample of it courtesy of Juno.

And, yo, once again we will be holding it down upstairs at the Khyber this Saturday night. Would be good to see you and the crew out. Peace.

Sta said...

A hot track.

Bushy said...

mog glad your feeling
billy again this weekend?

Bushy said...

sta stay fresh to death