Monday, July 9, 2007


samim - heater - 4.8 out 5

let's hope he isn't talking about his gun. but if this track was a gun it be a big one, he wouldn't even have to shot it just show it to everyone and they will look in amazement. i don't even know what i'm talking about except this track is huge thanks for joe h from the uk tipping off us on it, he never lets us down. just don't feel right........
samim - heater mp3
samim myspace link


JBH said...

Great Track ey i forgot to tell you i started blogging myself il hook your blog onto the roll

cheers joe

samim said...

glad u like it. i´m a big fan of mp3 blog. got a video blog my self at still bit stange to see my own production 2 weeks before release on you blog.

Anonymous said...

dude you need to take this down its not out yet!!!

Bushy said...

hey sorry i was in mental hospital
if i have saw that i would pulled right away
please keep the good stuff up
stephen bush