Tuesday, July 31, 2007

WEEZY + DRE = ???

Lil' Wayne - Outstanding (produced by Dr. Dre)

I'd LOVE to know what the fuck is going on with Wayne these days. Looks like he's picking leaning and popping pills over being the king of the game. I don't really know.

This isn't BAD by any means but theres NO intensity. Wayne seems bored, the beat is boring, it doesnt go anywhere, Waynes metaphors are mostly lame except the Amare Stoudamire one.

ehh, judge for yourself but this gets like a 6 out of 10 right now. I dont really see it growing on me. If he drops this as a single it will probably brick. hell, you cant even make a ringtone out of this so he's screwed either way.

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS, Dr. Dre apparently didnt actually make this sorry excuse for a beat! miss info dropped the dime that it was actually someone named Cipha Sounds who made this piece of crap.

well thats a plus.

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