Friday, July 13, 2007


so this leaked today. and while bushy is away i'm gonna try to stockpile gifts for his return. and this is like that brand new red firetruck under the tree at christmas. you know, the shit your mom tried to wrap so it looked like a yellow sweater from your aunt. that one bangin gift that gets all your other shit piled up and forgotten for the first few hours of christmas morning.

if this song is any indication of the production on this album, then fuck it... saigon could be the whackest rapper of all time and this is still an XL. at least. i cant even say anymore about this, the beat is just so hot and saigon is no slouch behind the mic, of course. check it out. i aint gonna bother to put up a separate zshare, so thanks to nahright for the link

Saigon - C'mon Baby (featuring Swizz Beats) (produced by Just Blaze)

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Anonymous said...

very hov-ISH.