Tuesday, June 12, 2007


rocco - roots 4 acid - 4.8 out 5

sorry bout the delays in tracks! but something is always going on either in my world or head. saw my other shrink 2 day. i liked him i now have 2. ok i've been wanting to throw this one for a few days. the whole track is solid but middle to the end is where it shines! go cop the remixes of this track!

a few things
bonds hit homerun 747 - he is going to break that record
stack bundles was killed today - rip - and keep beef on wax
phillies won there 33rd game!
rocc - roots 4 acid mp3


donnie said...

buzzin fly is sick sick sick!

they and dirtybird are releasing some awesome stuff lately. Good stuff!

donnie said...

just realized that I just downloaded the dubois remix of this track from beatport also - good as well!