Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well if your album is never coming out, and for Free it sure looks like Nevuary 32nd is the current release date on Free At Last, you might as well drop mixtapes. By my count, this is #2 with Free screamin "Free At Last on the way". At least he learned his lesson to not yell out dates.

Anyway this is a solid tape. Freeway's flow is one of the best in the biz and he absolutely runs laps on some of the old beats used on this tape (politics as usual, hate me now) and all the new beats (make me better, lil wayne's you aint know, party like a rockstar). the freeway/jay song isnt bad either.

overall it makes you hunger for the album. if he can run laps over all these beats, he should be able to to light up new production. lets hope the flow stays on point for the album. til then, let this tide you over.

Freeway - Live Free Die Hard mixtape (produced by Don Cannon)

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