Saturday, June 30, 2007


felix da housecat - future calls the dawn - 4.7 out 5

some people think felix fell off, i sorta agree. first let me point out felix is in my top 5 favorite producers for dance music of all time. a chicago legend for sure. even tho he now lives in atlanta. the vocals sorta sound like a t-pain-ish. ok so i saw felix down at wmc and he was sorta off, yeah dj's have bad nights sure but then he stop the music and told everyone about this new track he was about to play, i was there with some important people and we got excited. so he goes and drops tweek or whatever it is called alittle dated to call it new. ok so back to the reason i love him, him and diddy will lead the hip hop/ hip pop and dance together for sure. anyway i hope he blows up again he's been on his grind for minute. i remember finding out about him from cosmic cat, i love her.
felix da housecat - future calls the dawn mp3
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