Sunday, June 3, 2007


adam sparkles - new mix

adam is one of my favorite djs period. very skilled and i love his track selection. he is also part of philly's making time and click but you can also catch him in most northeast cities. check out his mix and then head over to his myspace to hear some of his official rmxs of holy hail/120 days and the klaxons club banger.
philly philly!

adam sparkles myspace link
adam sparkles new mix

tomboy - flamingo [ta-ram mix]
federico franchi - creme
rapture - get myself into it [serge santiago mix]
faze action - in the trees [carl craig c2 remix #1]
swag - hot gloves [bakazou remix]
dondolo - tetanus crisis [mock and toof remix]
holy hail - big guns [dave p and adam sparkles it hot remix]
goat dance - goat dance
marc houle - bay of figs
pig and dan - on to the beat
radio slave - screaming hands
the knife - like a pen [thomas schumacher dub]
gui boratto - beautiful life

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