Thursday, December 13, 2007


john dahlback - bellybutton - 5 out 5

this is what i'm talking about. a track that takes you somewhere with out leaving the seat of your chair. some people read books or watch movies to take them somewhere else. me, just give me a track like this and the next thing in my mind is i'm running around central station in stockholm in the snow heading back to my hotel. after a great night out. oh those days, will they ever come again. one only knows and can hope for. you did it again johnny another bomb!

john dahlback - bellybutton mp3


Rollie said...

i like dahlback going a little more in the prog direction-

i can't decide whether i prefer this one or 'song for djingis' on the flip.

and thats a good thing cause they're both better than 98% of shit out.

Bushy said...

yeah he had a great year
still trying to search down afew of the songs on his myspace player
any got them hook it up.
rollie where are you from