Wednesday, December 26, 2007


tegan & sarah - back in your head - tiesto remix - 4.8 out 5

i love indie-pop but not the biggest fan of tegan & serah. can anyone explain to me how they got tiesto to do this remix? anyway i'm also not the biggest tiesto fan but the dude is on some level we wish we all were at. i think he did afew ok tracks this year this along with the justin timberlake remix. i'm sure if you play this at your indie/electro night people would dance and sing along and not even knowing it was the dutch master. they probably ask you who did the remix.
also if anyone has a problem with a track up just leave a comment and we will pull it. i usually don't put up a track until i've seen it all over the net. i try to give things a nice right up.
tegan & sarah - back in your head mp3


Steven said...

Great track !

It's nice when people don't give about the source of the music as long as it's good.

Pop Rawkus said...

What a weird combination. Thanks for posting it.

nixrojas said...

I seem to have a problem downloading from DIVSHARE. What do I need to click on? I tried clicking the DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL icon but it doesn't work.

Btw, I think your blog is amazing. I get most of my banging tunes from you.

Thanks in advance

Bushy said...

going back to zshare
sorry everyone