Friday, December 28, 2007


flavorheard - flavorheard radio vol 2 -

i never really heard of these dude's until i start posting back on the hollarboard recently. most of you know i've spent alot of time up in boston. from hardcore shows, to bills for brit-pop nights and up to see my favorite julian at heart throb. i've skimmed threw the mix and it's pretty tight. even on there myspace page i could get down with alot of there blends. boston has a big weekend with the patriots game and the celtics out on the west coast. well here is our first go with flavorheard hopefully not our last.
flavorhead - flavorhead radio vol 2 mp3
flavorhear myspace link

hottest (dub) - beatconductor
cubana stand - dubben
mojito - wax romeo
breathe de latino - amphibious
Im no good (skeewiff remix) - amy winehouse
everyones a winner - banda unao black
dreadfunk - palov & mishkin
the sound of everything - alice russel
bomba - los hermanos latinos
shakara - Fela Kuti
funky in the middle - nickodemus
let the horns blow - red astaire
blue cheese - u.m.c's
treat em right - chubb rock
double dutch - frankie smith (this is some weird white label alternate version)
orange alert - metro area
repercussion - dubplex
wadein - beatconductor
roforofo fight - Fela Kuti
planet rock - breakout
love is like an itching in my heart - the supremes
just dropped in - sharon jones
god put a smile on your face - mark ronson
ring of fire - this kid miles
express yourself - leroy sibbles
message to rudy - the specials
007 - Desmond Dekker
50 ways to leave your lover - Platinum pied pipers

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