Tuesday, October 2, 2007


but until rappers start actually putting out records, i have nothing to review.

4th quarter is shaping up to be nice though, assuming everything on earth doesnt get pushed back.

jay record, nas record, saigon record, sigel record, freeway record, wu-tang record... yeah that should keep me busy if they all come out.

in the meantime, this song came out about a month ago but i was hoping for a CDQ dirty version which never showed itself... so i guess this is good as it gets for now.

also i really just needed an excuse to post this picture.

Beanie Sigel - All The Above (feat. R. Kelly)

this song came out like a week ago

Beanie Sigel - What They Gon' Say To Me?

same with this
Cant Tell Me Nothing ROC remix featuring Kanye, Beans & Freeway

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