Thursday, April 19, 2007


karin strom - klaustrofobi - andy pry & dance's with white girl's - 5 out 5

i know alot of artists dj's producer's etc in this world of ours, but karin strom has to be one of those amazing people that stand out. from the first message i sent her on myspace wondering if we could do a remix of hers she was nothing less then excited and welcomed us with open arms. even tho her lyric's are in swedish(which i love)you can still feel the power in her voice in every word sung. her english is top notch and better then most of ours(for sure mine). with that being said i have to give it up to andy and frog for working with a song they didn't know what she was saying but yet still capture the feeling and mood of the song. i can't wait to see her live. discobelle put this song up last friday and we like to thank them for that and we would like to say tack to karin. we are going to put it up here. i'm proud of everyone that was a part of it. alot more things are on the way. puss! puss!philly philly !

karin - strom - klaustrofobi - andy pry & dance's with white girl remix mp3
karin strom myspace
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LOUISAHHH!!! said...

this track makes me so proud to know - and love - you boys. has floored me consistantly since last week, when i ripped it from discobelle...makes my heart sing and soar when driving in the car, especially after the strip steve mix of fancy footwork (same key, chord progression. have a listen).
you guys are raising the bar for the rest of us.

Sta said...

song is tight, the boys have taken it up a level for sure