Friday, April 27, 2007


gat decor - passion - stanton warriors remix - 4.5 out 5

mid 90's track that were huge keep coming back, erol introduce the indie kids to josh wink's higher state, trent reworked moby's go, making all time bangers more modern. now it looks like gat decor is getting a go around. stanton warriors def put there touch on it. i'm really look for the dave spoon edit. so if you know this track you love it and if you didn't enjoy!
gat decor myspace
gat decor - passion - stanton warriors remix mp3


Anonymous said...

this mix wasnt by the stantons... it was by some guys calling themselves mr.ratty ?

Bushy said...

Gat Decor - Passion (Stanton Warriors Remix) [2005/MP3/320]-from oink- not saying that means much but they are usually on point

i couldn't get it confirmed
but thanks for the update
we are always willing to learn
and mistakes are made
you here the spoon edit

Anonymous said...

indeed it is not stantons.
mister ratty are 2 lads from sydney..