Thursday, May 8, 2008

its a wrap

this blog is over or on pause now but we will be doing some new so stay posted
we wanted to be different then alot of the stuff when we started but everyone is doing it now.
to all the artist i never was look what i got and post if i did that i would be the best blog in the world i promise. this stuff hasnt been big over in the states for awhile and why trying to expose alot of the ppl outside nyc miami vegas what the rest of the world is doing. opening there eyes to the great music you make.....i wanted to ppl to find out about you not take from you.......i hope this makes sense and understand.

leave comments if you like video blog is coming soon
stay posted
philly philly


Anonymous said...

i'm gonna miss this blog

Marcelo said...

I too am going to miss the knowledge bombs dropped on a regular basis by this blog


Red_Munk!! said...

My frav blog out there! & its a pity to see you guys "go". Hopefully not though. Looking forward to what you guys do next. Wish you all the luck with it! (Y) :).

Thnx for all the amazing stuff over the years.

Jacob said...

fuck that! keep posting the heat... please?

your disco will eat you said...

This is one of my favorite blogs :( hope you make it back