Wednesday, March 26, 2008


dances with white girls - east village radio stage - live mix

dwwg aka frog is a philly born and raised dj/producer living in bk doing his thing. his ep will be the first on the ratpure's throne of blood records. his sound of his tracks - well some of us are calling it the chinatown bus sound. sidenote - chinatown bus is the bus that takes your from philly's chinatown to manhattan's chinatown. it's 10 dollars and about 90 minutes long. so there is tons of travels up and down that nj turnpike. get into him and get into the our sound!

oscar g & ralph falcon- dark beat- acaplla dub
bart bmore-make some noise
kid dub- shake it blended with- public enemy- bring the nose acapella
santiago &bushido-head trick
the count of monte cristal-bmore forward
south rakkas- get mad again (fake blood remix)
joey beltram-menasm
maurice-this is acid
plastikman-spastik (dubfire rework)
monochrome- pearl (gabriel & dresden remix)
dances with white girls- took my love away
steve angello- acidmode
lcd sound system- get innoccous (Soulwax remix)
dances with white girls- girlsbug
pryda- pjannoo-
dances with white girls- girl you so right (Demo)
dance with white girls - east village radio early afternoon - is it spring yet mix mp3

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