Tuesday, November 27, 2007


adam k & soha - twilight - 4.8 out 5

another song i feel in love with when i heard tiesto drop it back like afew months ago. well i heard it in like august on bbc on someones show. with deadmau5 dropping bomb after bomb other canadians are starting to get a look at. you have to keep dancing, i mean how else do you stay warm up there in there deep winters? are you looking forward to the holidays? new years eve? i like to think i am. man this song is soooo fucking good.
adam k & soha - twilight mp3


Gysssss said...

Weren't Canadians already getting a look at with Dragonette, Tiga, Misstress Barbara, Feist, Chromeo, A-Trak, ams so on? lol

crunkdpunk215 said...

i think he was talking about prog house.

Billy W said...

ive been HAMMERING this track since early summer at most of my gigs. best of 07, by far.