Wednesday, January 31, 2007

coast to coast

shut em down.....cartoons strike again

days away from wing bowl...euro's and rest of the states we will explain soon

lo-fi-fnk - steppin out - dada life remix - 4.5 out 5 goodies
my little favorite swedish elfs and dada life comes together on this one. lo-fi-fnk bangers stay on repeat here. esp city lights - and dada life - new single - the great fashinista is growing on me more and more . man i got to get back to stockholm. i think i'm going to start a new night here call stockholm nites. where am i going with this i don't know. just take this mp3 dl it and play it on itunes. and in a week tell me how many plays it has. can someone buy me a tiger of sweden shirt i really need some. tack ...........
lo-fi-fnk - stepphin out - dada life remix mp3

dada life myspace link
lo-fi-fnk myspace

good looking to red fox

sixers are winning tonight

since its cold i brought the heat
geyster - under the fuse of love - arno cost remix - 4.5 out 5
this track is alittle old. but not many people know it. so i'm throwing it at you. the vocals the break the build up are all pretty perfect in my mind. i live in a dream house world where everything is perfect and the cheese is amazing. i would go to france just to see arno cost dj. and maybe try to steal something from the hermes store. skys are blue in case you didn't know.............

i also think septemeber the swedish artist is super hot
geyster - under the fuse of love - arno cost remix
geyster myspace page link

space 1026 r5 and plastic little one dollar

info here r5 link for show info

this is more of phila

please go check out my friends

web site
jodie abrams link

its brick

drop down - modular 4 out 5
alittle bit of 8bit gaming with bleeps. well paced track. this is something i want to hear while i'm getting ready to go out to eat on a posh date. or wing bowl(philly thing). or if your all together and with a few friends cutting up lines. or waiting for the ebombs to get to your house. its a firestarter. also can be used as a back to mines track. this will get the mood rocking. hope you still got e and coke left ha.

drop down - modular mp3

i need more info

kem's jam is going on tonight

josh wink and the outside of fluid philadelphia

i've seen the book and it rules

josh wink - swirl - 4 out 5 higher states
awesome a new josh wink track. we like that here. this track is like alot of his. takes alittle to get going. but give it a good 5 mins and its rocking. the sound comes from all over. feels like your in a star wars dog fight scene. philly kids like to do things right he did it again. i'm sure you didn't need me to tell you this. so have a listen....
josh wink - swirl mp3
ovum records link

bjorn after there first nyc show

the after party was super fun too

whoa! new timberland ft justin and nelly.....who are they dissing

timbland ft nelly furtado and justin timberlake - 4 out 5 radio stations
i was hoping for so much more. infact if they weren't dissing someone it would have been a 3.5. but you know mes i'm sucker for dis tracks. so the question is who are they aiming at. the beat is ok and after afew times it grew on me. i guess i was waiting for a next level my love. i can't wait to see this video. is justin throwing bows at usher.....all i'm saying is axwell is going to rework this.....i like more already

timberland ft nelly furtado and justin single timberlake mp3

clueless is on but i'm to cold to watch

laurent wolf - afrodynamite - lauren wolf club mix - 3.5 out 5 emo stars
man when i first put this track on i heard drums and was like oh great a rain dance song. but i give everything one fair play threw. and i'm glad i did. this track picked up right away. 2 good breaks in it. nothing amazing but above average. something i want to here early. a nice warm up for the bangers. ie when to drop that egg. if you know what i mean...............

pitchfork that dfa diddy review was horrible....if diddy don't make you dance your not alive. i bet your ipod has alot of pavement on it. shots fired!!!!!

laurent wolf djlist link
laurent wolf - afrodynamite - lauren wolf club mix mp3

Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia / Megawords Mag release


All are invited to join us for a release party for Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia and issue 6 of Megawords Magazine on Wednesday January 31st, 2007. The event will be held at the Fleisher Ollman gallery at 1616 Walnut Street, Suite 100 (upstairs), and will take place from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Food will be provided by Wadada
Audio / visual / sound installations by Megawords Magazine.
Beer by Yards

Copies of the Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia will be available for sale for $20.00. We will also have a limited number of Megawords Magazine number 6, which is as always free of cost.

At 8 follow everyone over to the after party at Bar Noir ( 112 S. 18th Street) hosted by Nicky $$$.

Drink specials from 8-10PM

For more go here MEGAWORDS and to get the book go here

i'm a sucker for

my skyline of the day

skyline lines/lights/video games

ok here is the list of songs we gave you during jan

philly in jan
we would like to know
what is your top 5
what makes you lose your shit
any sites notes
as this month comes to a end

thank you the boys
1.mike monday - bhalobashi - og mix
2.sebastaina leger - hit girl
3.arno cost & arias - magenta
4.all night dance party - be the one
5.vive la fete - liberte - sweetlight remix
6.bloc party - the prayer - para one remix and wolf - youth alocholic - etienne de crxey remix
8.peter,bjorn and john ft/ victoria bergsman - young folks
9.sunfreakz - riding my wave
10.the earlies - breaking point
11.meck ft dino - feels like home
12.tape 23 - fan of kate - simian mobile disco remix
13.mirwais - naive song - dave clark remix djs ft technotronic - get up - ge mix
15.gus gus ft daniel agust - moss - time deluxe remix
16.justice - phantom - thunder lite ghost remix
17.hoxton whores - friday saturday love
18.dannii minogue - he's the greatest dancer - chris lake remix
19.another chance - sound of eden
20.infants - firetruks - audio porno remix
21.eyerer and chopstick - haunting - christopher just remix
22.jurgen paape - taje this
23.sergio munoz - nice and easy
24.foreign islands - we know you know it - flithy dukes mix
25.foreign islands - fine dining with the future - boyz noize mix
26.fabolous ft lil wanye - diamons on my dammed chain
27.luetzenkirchen and toby montana - last night in vegas
28.john dahlback - blink
29.meck ft dino - feels like home vs dizzee rascal bullys - shoot you down - hook and sling remix
31.cajun - raven - joakims antwerp rework
32.sean price - cardiac
33.sean price - mess you made
34.eyer abd chopstick - haunting - og mix
35.120 days - come out, come down - dave p and adam sparkles remix
36.dreamstylerz inc - lets do this
37.partial arts - tauermusik - alter ego mix
38.the knife - marble house emperor machine remix edit with white girls - jiggle it
40.beyonce - irreplaceable - sta free electro remix
41.tracey thorn - its all true
42.freeform - no more conversations - switch remix
43.the freakz brothers - tension
44.union of knives - evil had never
45.andreas kleerup ft robyn - with every heartbeat - rory philips remix
46.dream burger - apocalypeswow
47.dream burger - fantasy 2 batmix
48.sebastian ingrosso - for sale
49.sebastian ingrosso - for sale -henrik b and plec remix
50.tiger stripes - white bug
51.fine taste - gold parachute
52.faithless - music matters - axwell remix
53.sunfreakz - counting down the days - axwell remix

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

man i just want to say afew things

i think i'm going to start to hang out at the swedish museum in philly, the young chris mix tape dropped half way threw and its fire. review and tracks soon. told you the state prop is back on the roc. where sparks at. andy is working on a new mix......code of the streets strickly 07 heat.............

sunfreakz - counting down the days - axwell mix 4 out 5
man this track works. axwell is one fire lately. and this shows it. he is for sure not messing around. i'm a big fan of sunfreakz, this is the second time we put a track of theres up. this mix has vocals on it. put it up cause i like it. ha. break down in this song is like a cro mags mosh part

sunfreakz - counting down the days - axwell mix mp3

i'm having santucci's

and your not
faithless - music matters - axwell remix - 4.5 out 5 sleepless nights or mornings
i didn't know which mix to put up this or the heller track. but you can't go wrong with either one. this one is alittle more trip hop then the heller. but your not listenin to that one. axwell takes us on a magical carpert ride. you don't dont need me to talk anymore on it. just dance to it. does this song say europe

faithless - music matters - axwell remix


chitown is the jump off this weekend
friday night dave p and josh invades sonotheque
all the info right here
dave p and josh chitown info for friday night

saturday night dave p will be back in phila

then sunday night chicago has the superbowl then after that
2 out of 4 awesome rapture memeber will be djing a rave
Druzzi and Mattie at Debonair Social Club1575 N. Milwaukee Ave, chicago
info here
druzzi and mattie sunday night post superbowl rave info

then tuesday you have l flax of whiting lighting fame. out ther
here is the info for that funky buddha bar

so go support these amazing people tell them you knoow me and maybe you won't have to wait in line or get a drink ticket
also leslie sarah 18 and mano will be out there along with major taylor
take care of them chi chi

i keep falling asleep at 12midnight and waking up at 3am

and it sucks....
here we are

fine taste - my golden parachute - 4 out of 5 take offs
i'm def on a anti french house kick lately. the justice song is hot. but alot of it is the same. it became the american indie rock. just doen't make sense. well to me at least. and i've been listen to french house for about ten years. back to this awesome song. well i've been on a big house/deep/prog house kick lately. add alittle big of epic lazer and smoke machine and its aces. so this dutch duo fine taste is doing things right. this little banger will make your ass's sweat. they have afew tracks on there myspace which i like alot. i wonder where all this great music was when i was there 2 years ago. well enjoy this track. don't start hating the french completely yet.

fine taste myspace link

fine taste - gold parachute mp3

Monday, January 29, 2007

man this is good

sixers are getting there ass kicked

but we got something for halftime to listen to

tiger stripes - white bug - 4.5 out of 5 goodies
this is good deep house music. track is pretty flawless. from the start to the end its moving. new rave is fun, french house has its moments. but when it comes to it i'll take deep house over all of it. another swedish dude doing it. and doing it well. it just makes me want to move back to sweden so much more. very mature but hip scene going on there right now. so take this and put it in your top ten play list.......tack tiger stripes aka mikael lnordgren

mikael nordgren myspace link
tiger stripes - white bug mp3
dial records link

four eyed monster

this looks good

two verison of a song i love

sebastian ingrosso - for say aka buy now - 4.5 out 5
this track been out for awhile. and one of my old time favorites. it doesnt get much better then this. its always a get hype song for me. i believe its about 3 years old now but doesnt make it any less awesome. so dl
sebastian ingrosso - for sale super banger track mp3

sebastian ingroisso - for sale - henrik b and plec remix - 3 out 5
not really my cup of tea. very northern european metal. kinda cool the idea. its sorta works. the track is keep in its og form. just add some more metal. people that are into jackass and bam will love this....enjoy and send it to your metal, worlds of warcraft friends. wizards and warriors was a amazing nintendo game

sebastian ingroisoon - for sale - henrik b and plec remix

henrik b myspace link
also a new felix remix that is ok....too

band profile:GOOD BURGER

so my friends good burger is all the rage in the uk. and if your lucky enough to know them you would understand and know why. its the works of 3 amazing girls who like myself brain never stops working. coming out of brookyln, but breed elsewhere. this machine is fun. its like disney world in tokyo 2078 meets back to the future part 2, lots of acid, some photoshop and alot of fucking sas. so let us know what you think and please drop them aline. or cut them one up. that's if they do drugs. i'm not sure.

dreamburger the myspace link
ddddddddream unit
dream burger - apocalypeswow mp3

dream burger - fantasy 2 batmix mp3


a late night treat

andreas kleerup with robyn -with every heartbeat - rory philips remix - 4 out 5 guestlists

this track is pretty perfect for me right now. i'm a sucker for girl voice's in the cold with snow. we got all three right here. plus robyn being swedish doesn't hurt. now the rory part, i was really impressed with this track. knew this song but never heard this remix. man how something just slip pass you. i don't want to put it up there with early goldfrapp/annie/karin storm etc - but this could be better then anything done by them. well in my mind. if only i still did e. well thats cause i don't have any. sike. well maybe.

i took a nap so i'm not tired. anyone want to talk on aim

andreas kleerup ft/ robyn - with every heartbeats - rory philips perfect mix mp3

andreas kleerup myspace link
robyn myspace lin
rory party our disco myspace link

Sunday, January 28, 2007

union of knives

pic should told me to press skip

since nobody is taking me to the movies i'll do this

union of knives - evil has never - 2 out 5 stars
another post emo band. i thought this was going to be really good for some reason. but it was very midwest late 90's. they sound like they should be on doghouse or vargent(sp).but with that said its one of the bands that will go number 1. fans of shit bands like the horroribles. will eat this up. the instrl verison is better would have gotten a 2.5 if i review that veriosn of the song, but i didn't.

union of knives - evil had never mp3

myspace page link

no football sundays all suck

but the lakers game was good.
leann's bday was a good time.

the freakx brothers - tension - 4 out 5
i'm really feeling the cr2 digital label. everything they put out so far i love. and like the direction they're going. this freakx brother track is pretty dam good. takes a second to build up. but once it gets going its going. track is simple it works. mature and now. so enjoy it

cr2 digital myspace link
cr2 digital website
the freakx brothers - tension mp3

new cadillac commerical

using stone roses
pretty sweet

Saturday, January 27, 2007

oh man we got a fucking treat for you

freeform - no more conversations - SWITCH REMIX - 4.5 out 5
this is probley my favorite swtich track since lily allen track. this shit is straight mental. so much going on. so much going on. i plan to drop this tonight at leeann's bday mixer. look below for info. i mean what else can i say about this track. og is amazing and this rmx is on par.........s dot

freeform - no more conversations - switch remix mp3
swtich mypsace link



i've been waiting for this track/record

tracey thorn - its all true - 4.5 out 5
man i've been hype for this record. everything but the girl with ewan pearson and others. this is the single, that i'm putting out there. this records goes everywhich way. like that elevator from willy wonka, yeah the one we all wanted to ride as kids for some of you me i still have that dream. ok i get off track sometimes. back to this song. this song can cross over with any crowd and it will. this will be a hotel lobby anthem. im sure the remixes are going to be fucking sick.....the record as a whole....very rapture influnce i would say.....but thats ace's the way we look at it..... enjoy

tracey thorn myspace page link
discogs link
tracey thorn - its all true mp3

RING THE FUCKING ALARM:updated mypsace link


beyonce - irreplaceable - sta free electro remix 4 out 5
this mix is crazy. so spaced out. didn't take anything away from the og track. this is pretty close to perfect. i can't much info on sta free homefully its coming. this dude needs some looks. i thought the highlight of my night was eating fake crab meat. they the door bell rings and its sta free with this track on a sliver plate

beyonce - irreplaceable - sta free eclctro remix mp3

we all know i got a soft spot for beyonce 8 - 29

stafree myspace page link

does this work for you

it works for me

Friday, January 26, 2007

this is frog aka dances with white girls

another philly kid doing his thing in the boro of bk......

dwwg - jiggle that - og 4 out 5
this boy frog from west philly now in brooklyn, tracks been killing floors all over ny/philly/sweden/france. his bmore tracks might be some of the tightest out. he doesnt even own a mac. our peoples are the same. but i speak the truth. this track seems to be a nice fuison of all the regions of the states. alittle b some philly touch of chicago, but with frog touch. this boy got some tracks ready to be unleashed that are just hybird heavy need to hollar this boy.....don't have to ask about him, i told you about him
s dot
dance with white girls link
dwwg - jiggle it mp3

andy pry frog bushy mix tape coming soon
this our talk

something for the igloo

hope i spell that right if not fuck it......

the knife - marble house - emperor machine remix edit - 4.5 out 5
whoa this came out of no where. i like it keeps it dark like the og. youre not going to hear this in any dance club at peak hours. def a hot song to be under the sheets with someone or some people. i think this would work really well late or early. its very clean all over. a sweet 9 min track. who are you going under the sheets wit.....

the knife - marble house - emperor machine remix edit mp3

emperor machine myspace link
emperor machine discogs link
the knife home page link
the knife myspace page link

these are my favorite cookies in the world

they are like a better inclosed e l me somee

still cold....very cold

we don't have heat but we got the show must go out.

partial arts - trauermusik - alter ego mix - 4 out 5
i'm a huge ewan pearson fan, not matter if its on rapture tracks goldfrapp, 8mins edits 16 mins epic loose my fucking mind im tripping hard as fucked track its always good. he does the job well on this track. he had a little help from alastair usher on it from what i read. def feel the touch of alter ego on this but not taking away to much from the og. alittle dark. bleeps and what not.

partial arts - trauermusik - alter ego mix mp3

ewan pearson myspace link
ewan person web site link
kompakt link


the weekend starts here! we trying to get afew tracks out for the euros can warm up to.
and make that day go by fast for the state side people.

oh you'll love me for this one.......
dreamstylerz inc. - lets do this! - 4 out of 5
man we are calling this track alot of things......1. its good. 2. we are calling it the first post emo trance hit. 3.anthem the eu will play when another wall falls down.4.this is what the mummers will sound like in a thousands years. i can't find much info about this band. i need pics and links.......its sugar and spice and everything nice......we are like a big blanket over here, we cover everything......the good the bad and the pretty awesome.....

here are pics of mummers its a philly thing

dreamstylerz inc - lets do this mp3

Thursday, January 25, 2007

120 days - dave p and adam sparkles remix

the kids from making time/click etc send us some heat on this cold philly night

120 - come out, come down - dave p and adam sparkles remix - unedited the raw - 4 out 5
wow i've been waiting to post this track for minute. finally got the a ok. he is a ruff but more then working verison. what could they touch up. well driven powerful fun with lots of stop and gos. def make the og track alot better. in my mind. the way it comes off clean at the end sweet. im sure this will be on floors of many disco's soon. on both side of the atlantic. i don't know who holds the title over there for best partys scene drugs. but here state site its philly. just ask about us.........

120 days - come out, come down - dave p and adam sparkles remix mp3

120 days myspace page link
120 offical website
vice records link

dave p myspace link
adam sparkles myspace link
the phila party planner

me naked at posi numbers

can you find me?

its cold

we are keeping you warm

eyerer and chopstick - haunting - og mix - 4.5 out 5
i've been talking about this track. here it is. something are better left unsaid. just let it build. and then tell me what you think.......that if you haven't smash your computer

eyer and chopstick - haunting mp3 link to buy this record
eyerer and chopstick myspace page link

sean price the brokest rapper you know, nice to meet you

Sean Price – Jesus Price Supastar

YES. New Sean Price. And its about time since this thing got pushed back twice (what doesn't these days though?). On the whole, this album is real good... hopefully he'll get some recognition with this one because he's still virtually unknown to any casual hip hop fan. The first single (if we can even call it that, it ain't like he shootin a video for it) “P-Body” isn't a particularly radio friendly joint but damn does he go hard. You know, most rappers rap about guns and shootin people and you're like ya whatever okay.. Sean P raps about that shit and you believe him because he actually SOUNDS LIKE he would body a dude for looking at him crooked. That track is still real good I just don't hear it getting a lot of spins. The production really stands out from his first retail here too. A lot less raw gully sounding beats and a lot more soulful grandiose sounding shit, which really works for him. There's some serious lyrical depth here too, amongst songs about sellin coke and beatin people up, theres songs about killing yourself (Mess You Made), while other songs go in between deep serious topics and drug sales and violence. Song #4, Cardiac, in particular sounds like some shit that could blow up on the radio. In fact, I'd go as far as saying if it had the producer name Kanye West on the exact same beat instead of an unknown like Illmind (even if he is signed to G-Unit he aint a big name producer), that it WOULD blow up on the radio, since it's about sellin drugs and beating dudes up which is obviously what people are feeling in rap these days, content wise. 9th Wonder lends 5 tracks to this one but honestly, I felt like his were the weakest on the album, production wise anyway, which is surprising as hell but they are by no means whack, the other producers that I had honestly basically never heard of just brought it better.

Overall, this jawn is definitely an 7.5 of 10 (roughly an XL if you wanna go by that). I'd definitely say now after a few listens that I like it better than Monkey Barz, but no song on this touches “Boom Bye Yeah” for me. So I think that had something to do with my reluctance to call this one better at first.

So yeah, go cop this album on Jan 30th cuz even 2 retails deep, “Sean Price: The brokest rapper you know”

Sean Price - Cardiac mp3
Sean Price - Mess You Made mp3


waitng on the snow playlist

what are you playing let us know

here is something to hold you down

cajun - raven - joakims antwerp rework - 4 out 5
i like this better then the few other remixes going around. bleeps glitchs drums everywhere making happy elf music. sorta have a new order feel, maybe alittle more modern. i wish i was walking the streets of london or prague holding hands eating frites and catching snow flakes on my tongue. or maybe they can just use it for the intro to champions league......i like the drums at the end

cajun myspace page link
joakim myspace page link
cajun - raven - joakims antwerp rework